FAQ About Baby Video Monitors

Choosing a baby video monitoring system can be a confusing thing. You may have many questions regarding the security and user-friendliness of the devices. Here are some answers to common questions regarding baby video monitors.Besides this going through different baby video monitor reviews will help you make the best choice.

FAQ About Baby Video Monitors

Who installs the baby video monitoring cameras? Purchasers of the product have the option to install and set up the cameras themselves or to use a professional to help them install the video baby monitoring system. In most cases, the instructions are designed to be especially user friendly and many parents feel comfortable following along with the instructional guides needed to set up the devices. Often times, the device is accompanied with a contact number in the guidebook or instructions for product information and a help-line to assist with device set up after purchasing the device.

How many cameras are there? Most baby video monitoring devices come with one camera and one monitor per set. Therefore, many parents prefer to place this camera directed at the primary sleeping area for the child. However, additional devices and monitors could be purchased for monitoring of more areas.

Who has access to the videos? In most cases, the video feed is closed to just the camera and the monitor, meaning only the person physically viewing the monitor has access to the video feed. However, for some more technical, Wi-Fi compatible devices, those who have access to the specific web address also have access to the video feed, which may be encrypted for added security.

Can my neighbors/ someone else spy on me or my child using my cameras? While it is possible for the software to get hacked, advances in technology have been made to increase security and privacy. Many baby monitoring devices come with guides addressing safety and hazard concerns.

What can I do for added security/ to prevent becoming an easy target for hacking? Keep video feed settings private. Avoid posting the specifics of your video monitoring device on social media accounts. Use a secured Wi-Fi connection, which is protected by a strong password. Update passwords routinely, and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. Use a browser which is set to private or undiscoverable and disabled cookies whenever possible if accessing the video feed online. Unplug or disable the broadcast feature when the device is not in use.

Is the security risk worth it? Many parents choose to use baby video monitoring systems as a beneficial aid in their childrearing. While it is unnerving and disturbing to think that some systems have been hacked in the past, this is far from the majority or the norm. Most often, parents do not experience any security breaches and the biggest barrier they face in acquiring a baby video monitor is the shock of the sticker price. Nonetheless, following safe technology practices and being aware of the potential risks will help parents to make informed decisions about their childrearing practices.

Following the safety instructions and guides which come with the device, as well as seeking additional answers from the product manufacturer as needed can help in a smooth installation and use experience.

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