FAQs About Crib Mattresses

Are you the type of person who frequently asks questions? Or perhaps, you’re a newbie on becoming a parent. Either of which, a lot of people can all admit that they like asking questions about a certain stuff, especially if it’s your first time to become a mom or dad. Panicking and being stressed out is common for the soon-to-be parents out there; hence, they need more advice and helpful tips on overcoming brand-new stage during their lives as a new parent.

About Crib MattressesOne of the many decisions you have to make is whether or not to buy a crib, or what crib should you buy. Nevertheless, if you’ve successfully chosen a crib for your baby, I congratulate you for that. Good job! Now, you are one step closer to completing your little one’s crib. Hold on, you should also be aware that there are a lot of other accessories that need to be bought for your infant’s crib; one is the crib mattress. A crib mattress is a very important addition to your baby’s crib.

I rounded up the top nine most common questions people usually ask about crib mattresses. As you read along, you will find the answers to your frequently asked queries about crib mattresses.

Is the crib mattress really that important?

The anticipated parents often than not, spend a huge amount of cash and days or even months choosing the perfect crib and the most stylish bedding for their new baby. And they then buy the crib mattress. Yes, it is good to purchase those fashionable furniture – however, the crib mattress is the most important thing you have to purchase because a substantial portion of your little one’s life will be spent there, and it is there where your child’s development will occur a crib mattress can impact the quality of sleep. Hence, acquiring a quality crib mattress is a critical choice for the parents.

What size of crib mattress should I get?

The cribs have a standard-size – 28 inches by 52 inches; so most probably, crib mattresses will fit perfectly in most cribs. Nevertheless, there are a lot of various sizes of a crib mattress; thus, testing the crib mattress in the crib first is a great idea. Firstly, measure the size of your baby’s crib and then buy a crib mattress that suits the size of the crib – decreasing the risk of possible accidents.

What kind of mattress suits my baby?

Generally, there are two types of crib mattresses: Foam Crib Mattress and Coil/Innerspring Crib Mattress. Both have its owns advantages and drawbacks; nonetheless, thickness and firmness of the mattress are the most important feature to look for.

Should I buy a firm mattress or a soft one?

Most physicians suggest to buy a firm mattress as the softer one can pose suffocation and deformation of your baby’s head. Furthermore, a firm mattress can hold your child’s delicate, developing bones. Thus providing a huge support even when your baby rolls over and sleeps on her stomach.

How to measure the firmness of the mattress?

Consumer supports suggest this technique for testing the firmness of the mattress: “Press down on the center of the mattress with your index finger. If the mattress yields immediately, it’s probably too soft.”

Are there mattresses that has a vent hole?

Small vent holes around the edge of the crib mattress allow the air to flow in and out. Consequently, if the diaper leaks, the odor left in the mattress can easily be eliminated through the use of these vent holes.

Is it necessary to use a crib mattress cover?

Putting your baby to sleep upon a crib mattress without a cover will tear the mattress easily—thus, rapid aging. You are ought to change the sheets regularly to ensure cleanliness and prevent dust mites.

Is it wise to buy a used crib mattress or not?

A once firm crib mattress can become wobbly and soft, thus, putting your baby at risk. Furthermore, it can appear clean but little do you know that it may still be concealing bacteria, mold, or even fungus.

How can I maintain the crib mattress in its best condition?

If your baby’s diaper has leaked, don’t panic right away. You only just need a cloth, an enzyme based cleaner, baking soda, and a vacuum cleaner – you will find a tutorial on how to use these materials for cleaning your baby’s mattress easily on the Internet. As for the instance where your little one pooped in her mattress, you just need a latex gloves, spoon, rag, enzyme based cleaner, empty spray bottle, and vinegar – you can also find the steps on how to use these materials on the Internet.

NOTE: Time is the pith, the faster you solve that problem, the lesser the chance of leaving a stain on your child’s mattress.

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