Facts About Organic Baby Formula

Some parents prefer breastfeeding their baby; others want the convenient way – formula feeding. Either which, both have its benefits and drawbacks. Breast milk, is without a doubt, the best source of nutrition for your little ones – it includes Vitamin D, calcium, and protein.

Facts About Organic Baby Formula

On the other hand, there’s the regular formula milks – the nutrition found in a breast milk can also be found in a formula milk. Nevertheless, it has some additives that help cows produce more milk; antibiotics and pesticides that can be found in the food of the cow; and some synthetic growth hormones. Organic formula milk doesn’t have these additives.

For you to gain more knowledge about organic baby formula, here are few of the interesting facts regarding this milk:

It comes with different types. If you want whole organic baby formula milk for your child, it is available in the market; reduced fat 2% milk; lactose-free milk; low-fat milk; low-fat chocolate milk; fat-free skim milk; and any more.

It is pasteurized. Like any regular formula milk, organic milk has undergone pasteurization, as well. Moreover, it is fortified with vitamin D and calcium.

It is free from bovine growth hormone. The cow where the milk came from doesn’t eat food that was treated with pesticides; they are not given any antibiotics.

Úsually, the most common problem with organic formula milk is if it is really getting truly organic product. Some may not know that most of the large corporations that produces organic milk may be buying non-organic cows in their herds instead of allowing the cows to feed on a grass. With that being said, you are still not sure of whether it is free from growth hormones, pesticide residues, or any antibiotic residues that are harmful, especially to your little one.

  • Organic baby formula milk is sweeter than the regular ones. This is the reason why many children prefer organic milk because it can be likely compared to the sweetness of the milk that came from a mother’s breast.
  • Because of the alternative sugar products in an organic baby formula milk, it is more expensive other than the regular infant milk.

Listed below are some of the unhealthy facts of organic baby formula milk that may pose a danger to your child’s health.

It could harm your baby’s tummy. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acids that are very beneficial to a person’s brain, eyes, and especially the heart; a mother’s milk has a natural occurring DHA. An organic formula milk may be using an artificial omega oil, which is normally extracted from soil fungus or algae that make use of hexane, a Neuro-toxic agent. When digested by a child, it may lead to diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting as their tummy can’t bear these heavy oils.

It may contain a carcinogen. Maybe, some of the largest manufacturers of organic baby formula include carrageenan, an additive that can be extracted from seaweed. Studies show that it is carcinogenic, and it may cause inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal tumors.

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