At CoolBabyKid.com, parental adventure is my middle name. My passion is seeking thrills in the majesty that is the outdoors. There is no better feeling than conquering that mountain or finding the best wave and owning it. That is what I live for and now I live for my kids. It cannot compete with anything else.

I am Dianna Williams and I live in beautiful Hawaii. Growing up in this gorgeous state has allowed me to really be able to do a lot of outdoors adventures. Especially since this is the adventure capital of America! My life has revolved around seeking the next thrill, and I am fortunate to be able to constantly do that. I hope that in my lifetime that no rock would be left unturned by the time I am unable to do anything else. I want to experience all the adventures in this country, and maybe even in this world.

I want to share my adventures with you whether they are related to outdoors or they are related to parenting and inspire you to move and discover your own any adventure. We have so many chances in this beautiful world to explore so much, it would be a shame to not even bother seeing anything else but your everyday life. I want to take you on an adventure of a lifetime because that is how I live my life.

The best case scenario is that I can get you to go out into this world and find some thrill that will really show you what it means to be alive. If no, at least you can live through my adventures and learn that this world has so much that we can appreciate. There is a lot you can do out there, you just have to be willing to go out and take it. Life deserves to be lived to the fullest, don’t you agree?

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