5 Advantages of Purchasing a Booster Seat

Have you experienced riding a wagon while a fast-moving car is pulling it? Well, parents during those days haven’t known that riding that way is very dangerous. Today, cars are very convenient – people drive more often than before – parents usually leave the child in the car when they have to buy something at the convenience store.

5 Advantages of Purchasing a Booster Seat

With that being said, the number of motor vehicle injuries and deaths are constantly rising; although it may seem  decreased because the popular use of seat belt and car seat. Nevertheless, millions of car accidents still occur not only in the U.S., but also in any other countries. And the alarming issue about this is that the child over the age of 3 is the leading cause of death in children.

Why purchasing a car seat, or primarily a booster seat, necessary?

Having a car seat is not merely required by the law, it is also necessary to keep your baby safe when on the road. Ideally, kids whose age is three years and below can sit in a car seat. When she already outgrows the car seat, switch to a booster seat.

Listed below are the five benefits you can get by buying a booster seat after your child outgrows her car seat:

  • If you’re going to have a quick run to the supermarket or going on a vacation, purchasing a booster seat is exceptionally convenient for you. Carrying your baby as well as your groceries, is a challenge for you because the child may slip into your arms, or you may drop the groceries. Thus, leaving your child in the car for a while and keeping them safe with the booster seat you have bought will solve your problem and save you time.
  • It suits your child. The good thing about these car seats is that it varies depending on your child’s preferences – age, height, and weight. Booster seats are suitable for the kids’ age four and older or children whose weight is at least 50 pounds, and with a height of 4 feet and 9 inches.
  • Cost-effective. Moms usually suggest you to buy a new booster seat instead of investing in a hand-me-down – why, because it is safer and manufacture guaranteed.
  • Car seats for the younger ones can be like a carrier, as well. However, it is a different story with the booster seats as it can only be placed in the car to make sure your child is all buckled up; hence, decreasing the possibility of injury if in case the car crashes.
  • Law requirement. Not only you’re making sure that your child is safety, you are also promoting the law. Following the proper rules when driving a car with a child on board.

Prevention & Solution

Aside from the law that requires parents to use an appropriate car seat of a motor vehicle when there’s a baby on board, there are some recommendations that are proposed by the Community Preventive Services Task Force:

  • Manufacturers must meet the safety guidelines when producing a car seat; if you experienced a problem with the car seat, you have purchased, recall it.
  • Education programs are very helpful to increase the awareness of the parents regarding the restraint use, and at the same time decrease the risk of car accidents that may lead to fatal injuries.

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