5 Advantages of Using A Bottle Warmer

Are you having a hard time keeping your baby’s milk heated at the right temperature? Are you tired of hearing those screams whenever your child is hungry, and you cannot feed him or her a not-so-warm milk because they might get a stomach ache? Then, a bottle warmer came to rescue you!

Advantages of Using A Bottle Warmer

A lot of mommies out there can consider the ‘Baby Bottle Warmer’ is the best discovery ever made for babies, yet. However, it may be considered as the best discovery yet. Mom’s still needs to be very cautious when heating either their breast milk or formula milk. As you read along, this article will tackle the benefits you can get from using a bottle warmer.

Before we discuss about the advantages of a bottle warmer, let’s learn first the reasons why a lot of parents, even physicians, encourage you, parents, to use a device like this.


  • Heating a breast milk using a microwave, chances are; the milk loses its anti-infective properties, especially its nutrients – milk’s composition changes.
  • One of the characteristics of a breast milk is that, it easily reacts to warm temperatures; thus, loses its Vitamin C.
  • If you’re going to heat your little one’s milk on the stove, the breast milk might break apart. It also loses its minerals, vitamins, and other micro-nutrients easily.

Formula Milk Feeding:

  • Heating a formula milk in a microwave will cause an awful heat distribution resulting in burning of your child’s mouth or tummy, says the doctors.
  • Even if most parents tend to shake the bottle, it will still re-conglomerate very quickly.


  • Constant temperature. One important feature of a bottle warmer is that, it has the ability to maintain the liquid (milk) in the bottle at a constant temperature.
  • Time efficient. Frequently checking the temperature of the liquid in the bottle when heating it using a microwave or a stove can consume a lot of your time. However, if you use a bottle warmer, it remains at a constant temperature.
  • Consistency is the key. Heating a milk using a microwave does not guarantee your milk be warmed all the way through; there may be parts that aren’t warm enough. Subsequently, a bottle can be soaked all the way through the bottle warmer.
  • Convenient & Variety. If you are going on a vacation, a bottle warmer is definitely a must! There are a variety of models you can choose from, whatever suits your situation – there are bottle warmers that make use of batteries, and there are that make use of outlets for you to charge it. Some even have an outlet you can plug into the car’s cigarette lighter.


All in all, does a bottle warmer a necessity to every mom’s out there? I think so. Why? Aside from the numerous benefits you can get from it, they are also very easy to use. All you have to do is add water, put it in the bottle warmer, and once it is set to the right temperature, the bottle warmer rings or lights up. Afterwards, shake the bottle before feeding it to your baby, as simple as that! Another thing, you can warm your baby’s milk on your left hand, and on the other hand; you can hold still hold your little one.Consider bottle warmer reviews before making a selection online.

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