Top 5 baby essentials

New parent? If so, you have probably learned there are some things you simply can’t live without. So, what are some of the essentials you should always have with you? Consider a few of these items to add to your list.

Waterproof bibs The name says it all. Your child is going to make a mess, spill things, and is going to get dirty. These bibs keep them dry, keep them looking clean, and avoid the major messes you want to avoid out in public.
A diaper bag – You can’t leave home without it. You know you’re going to need diapers, and you simply don’t want to carry them in your purse. Invest in a great diaper bag, it’ll get plenty of use.
Soft wash cloths – These are also great for cleanup time after a meal, at home or on the go. Most are unscented, don’t have harsh chemicals or additives, and you can easily clean up your baby after they’ve made a mess, with their favorite foods.
Baby monitor – The name says it all. With these you can monitor your baby from anywhere. In the kitchen, at night from your bedroom, or even when they’re with the nanny, you can keep an eye on them from work. You can breathe easy knowing your child is safe, no matter where you are in the home.
Glider chair – Okay, this one might be more for you than the baby. But, it is a great way to relax, and it will also help you rock them to sleep, so you need to invest in one, right?

Babies are a handful; with the right accessories you can make caring for them, and their safety, a top priority. These are some items you need to have as a new parent, for use on the go, as well as around the home, so you can easily care for your baby, and know they are safe at all times of the day.

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