Bath time, Fun time

A lot of mothers out there has this idea of unending screaming mixed with all the anxiety and stress when it comes to baby bath time. However, it doesn’t have to be that scenario always – you and your baby can have fun while taking a bath in the best baby bathtub that suits your needs. With just a bit of planning, helpful tips, and right products – bath time can be as enjoyable as watching a movie with your whole family.

Bath time, Fun time

Bathing your baby varies with the distinctive ages and diverse stages, but overall, having fun in the bath all comes down to using age-relevant toys, songs and water games – all these things will help nurture and protect baby’s delicate skin. Here we’ve summed up with eight fun approaches to make bath time a joyous experience for your family.

Lot’s and lot’s of bubbles. You can never go wrong with bubbles. You and your baby will have a fun time popping and catching those bubbles floating in the air. Choose a milk and baby-appropriate bubble bath and wash for your little one. Select a product with soothing aromas and a no more tears formula so that it is gentle to your baby’s eyes and skin – also to prevent any skin or eye irritation.

Listen to some fun songs. Any songs will do, as long as your child enjoys hearing it. You may also sing and dance to the song to add entertainment to your baby. If you want a little more bond with your baby, you can sing to her – it helps nurture your baby’s language skills, rhythm, and help her soothe and relax while taking a bath. Even if you don’t have a beautiful voice, or God didn’t give you a talent in singing, your little one will still love and appreciate it.

Bring a lot of toys with you. Toys are not just for entertainment or for fun, it also helps build your child’s other skills. For example, when a toy splashes into the water, she will learn the knowledge of cause and effect. Rubber ducks are the most common toy you can see in the TV when you’re watching a cartoon, but you can also add some other creatures to enhance your child’s imagination. If you want to teach your child ABCs or numbers, you can bring blocks with those letters and numbers written in it.

Learn the magic in art. Bathtub crayon that can easily wash away is a best toy for your baby during bath time if you want to expand her creative expression and motor skills. You and your baby will have so much fun painting – it is a good distraction when you are washing their hair.

Communicate with your baby. Pointing out certain body parts and telling them what the name of that body part can also help your baby learn. Furthermore, help boost your baby’s imagination by telling stories. Talking to your child and creating stories will help increase their vocabulary.

Another way of making your baby’s bath time fun is by ensuring that they are safe. The most important rule in bathing your baby is to never leave them unsupervised, not even for a second or a minute. So make sure that you have all the things you need for the bath before placing your child in the bathtub.

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