5 Benefits & Dangers Of Using A Jogging Stroller

Soon-to-be parents can get a lot of pressure, especially when thinking about those necessary baby gears you need to buy for your little one. Just by looking at the lists of most recommended baby stuff gives off that stress hormones in your body. You may even have these doubts in your mind; like – is this actually essential?

5 Benefits & Dangers Of Using  A Jogging Stroller

As you scan through the list of baby items you’ve made, you came across the item ‘Stroller’. That seems a simple gear, right? Purchasing a stroller is a must for the parents out there – why? Simple, carrying your baby just by using your arms can get a little too tiring; you may experience some discomfort in your back, also. There are so many different types of strollers you can choose from – first, there’s the normal strollers, parents usually buy; second, there’s also what we call ‘Jogging Strollers’ for those parents who often jog every morning, and want to stay in shape.

Running with your infant every morning to lose those weights you gained during your pregnancy (for mothers) can sure be a lot of fun, rather than going to the gym (you don’t have much time already, obviously). However, you must be aware of the pros and cons of using a jogging stroller before buying one for yourself and your baby, as well.


  • It’s about time to lose those baby weights. The greatest profit of a jogging stroller is essentially that you can run with it. Saying this doesn’t imply that you can’t run with other sorts of strollers, yet a jogging stroller is intended to make running safe for you and your child. If running is your way to get fit, this is an awesome approach to be able to stay in shape – the fun part is that you get to jog and take care of your little one at the same time.
  • Bumpy roads. If you happen to be fond of taking a rough path instead of going through the easy, non-bumpy road, a jogging stroller will absolutely make your run much smoother and comfy for you and your baby.
  • It can keep up with your fashion/sporty side. Of course, who doesn’t want to look chic and fresh after conceiving a baby, right? In case you’re attempting to evade that “mother” look, a jogging stroller definitely can help you. This baby gear has that “sporty” sort of look that will absolutely suit your active lifestyle.
  • To walk or run? Either which, jogging strollers have that various capabilities depending on your wants and the situation you’re in. Nevertheless, not all jogging strollers are made for walking so make sure to buy one that has the features for running.
  • Much-needed quality time with your baby. While running, try to talk to your child; for example, you can point out the birds and tell your baby that’s a bird. This helps the language development of your little one as it comes through exposure to your day-to-day conversation with him/her.


Like many baby items, there will always be some downsides that go with it. Here are just some of the drawbacks that come with jogging strollers.

  • They are expensive. Usually, a common jogging stroller will cost you about $100 to $600 and up. Obviously, they can cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, additional features mean more money. However, you have an option of getting a used one – it may come with some unknown risks that could possibly bring danger to you and your little one.
  • Choosy child. Another problem you can get is that, your child may not enjoy it. Let’s face the fact that there will be some reasons why your little one doesn’t want to be strapped in and go jogging with you.
  • You won’t be using it very often. Taking care of a child is a very hard role to play – consequently, you may get tired and lose interest of making a morning job with your baby habit. Moreover, it’s obviously simpler and easier to run on your own. Think wisely before buying a jogging stroller.
  • They are bulky. Basically, strollers are absolutely big, and so is the jogging stroller. Sticking to just one baby stroller is enough.
  • Additional challenge. For those parents who happen to be an amateur runner, using a jogging stroller will give you quite a hard time.

Always remember that, you can’t run with a baby until they are about six months old. Additionally, consult your doctor first before thinking of going for a jog just about after conceiving your little one.

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