Best Baby BathTub With Reviews

Bathing your baby can be a lovely experience for both parent and child. However, it can be somewhat nerve-wracking without the proper tub. Check out our reviews of the best baby bathtubs so help you find the top product for your needs.

Best Baby Bathtub

Summer Infant

The Summer Infant Newborn-to-Toddler Bath and Shower has four stages for four stages of growth from newborn to toddler. In stage 1, you place the newborn in a sling that goes in the sink. In stage 2, the newborn sling goes in the toddler tub. Stage 3 finds the toddler tub in the shower as your baby gets bigger. And in stage 4, your baby can sit in an adult bathtub or shower, and you can wash and rinse him or her using the removable shower unit.

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The most impressive part of this product is definitely the removable and motorized baby bath shower that allows you to rinse your little one holding the ergonomically shaped handle.

The container itself is big and sturdy, and the pressure on the showerhead is gentle enough to spray it on baby’s face. The sling keeps the baby in a comfortable upright position, and the tub is flat bottomed.

What we like: The drain at the bottom makes clean up so much easier!

Top 5 Baby Bathtub Comparison

Below is a chart comparing the features of the top 5 baby bathtubs.

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Baby Bathtub Reviews

Fischer Price Calming Waters

Fischer Price Calming Waters

The infant sling is comfortable and secure, allowing your child to rest and bathe safely in the water. The sling, with included headrest, is also adjustable and removable so that the bathtub grows with your child. Once your baby has outgrown the sling, just remove it and add the “baby stopper” insert, which lets the baby rest at a gentle and curved recline that prevents slipping. The tub fits in both single and double sinks, and it features a plug to make emptying the bath water easier.

What we like: It vibrates to create a soothing, spa-like bath time. 

Fischer Price 4-in-1 Sling n’ Seat

Fisher-Price 4-in-1

The soft mesh sling holds newborns securely in the correct amount of water until they are ready for the “baby stopper” insert. Once the sling is removed and the insert is in place, it keeps baby at a gentle recline on a foam surface to prevent slipping. Moving forward, the insert converts to a sitting up support system for babies who are ready to sit up but just need a bit of extra help. Once he or she has that part down, you can remove the support to reveal a large tub, complete with a plug for easy drainage and cleaning.

What we like:  Includes squeeze bottle and whale cup for rinsing and play. 

Safety 1st Custom Care Modular Bathing Solutions

Safety 1st Custom Care

This sleek, two-piece designed tub bathes your child from newborn stages to toddler years. The newborn insert is ergonomically designed to face you, so that you don’t have to awkwardly reach to clean. As your baby grows into infancy, the insert changes direction to be in line with the bathtub, giving your little one more legroom and reclining slightly to offer head and back support, keep from sliding, and make it easier for you to clean the privates. As a toddler tub, the seat and backrest are contoured to allow them to sit up without assist.

What we like: Side positioning so newborn baby can face you makes bath time even more intimate. 

Fischer Price Bathtub Rainforest Friends

Fischer Price Bathtub Rainforest Friends

Start with the soft and comfortable newborn sling to hold them safely in the first few weeks. The sling removes and your infant can relax with the support of an insert that keeps him or her from slipping and sliding. Once baby grows into a toddler, remove the insert and watch as baby holds his/herself upright to play with fun, rainforest-themed toys like the hippo-shaped cup and alligator-shaped strainer. It also features a hook for hanging and drying and a plug for draining.

What we like: The bump in the middle of the tub keeps baby elevated and safe.

How to Select a Baby Bathtub

  • Convertible tubs that can last from newborn years through toddlerhood are a top buy. They usually feature a sling, hammock or insert to support newborns and infants’ neck and head, which can be removed once the child is old enough to sit up on his or her own.
  • If you don’t purchase one with a sling, make sure there is at least a gentle recline that supports the baby in a somewhat upright position and allows you to reach under the baby easily.
  • Contoured shapes on plastic tubs are smoother and more comfortable for baby. Look for one with anti-slip foam at the base for added comfort. The foam in these tubs is usually mildew resistant, as well.
  • Tubs with a plug on the base are great to drain the water out of the tub without sloshing water about after bath time.
  • A built-in hook is a good way to hang up the tub or easy storage or drying.
  • Collapsible tubs are a good option for traveling, but significantly less sturdy for daily use.
  • Extra features that can entertain are always a plus. For example, spa features like vibrations will soothe your little one in the water, while fun-shaped cups, drains or squeeze bottles serve to rinse off and provide a toy to play with.

Types of Baby Bathtubs

  • Standard baby baths: Your standard child-sized tub, these are great because you don’t have to strain your back reaching over an adult bathtub as you bathe your baby. Or if your bathroom is too cold, you can bathe your little one in another room. They often have back and neck support for newborns and infants.
  • Rest-on-rim tubs: Extra wide rims fit firmly on the tub of your adult bathtub, allowing you to use the bathroom space comfortably. They often have a plug at the bottom so you can just drain the tub when bath time is over. Just make sure you measure your bathtub before you buy so you know the product will fit snugly and securely.
  • Bucket baths: A new trend in infant/toddler bathing, these tubs are shaped like a bucket and allow your newborn or young infant to be supported either sitting up or in a fetal-like position as you bathe them. They are easy to carry when full and take up less space than a regular baby bathtub, but infants outgrow these quicker, usually at 6 months, and there is less room for the child to play with toys.

Bath seats and supports: The seats are usually made of plastic and the supports are usually made of a terry cloth material. Both are great to put in your adult tub and support the babies in an upright position with a gentle recline. Use seats and supports when the child can already hold him or herself up, at around 4 to 6 months. Your kid will love being suspended and not fully emerged in water, and you’ll find that it is much easier to wash them.