Best Bottle Warmer with Reviews

Eliminate at least one hassle from the sleepless nights and busy days that come with a having a newborn. Buy the best bottle warmer to help feed your baby the right way every time. Out bottle warmer reviews should help you pick your favorite!

Best Bottle Warmers

Kiinde Kozii

The Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk and Bottle warmer is durable, white and handy. Whether you are warming breastmilk, formula or food, this warmer can accommodate any size or material bottle, container or bag. The flowing warm water bath serves to gently thaw and warm the baby’s breastmilk according to USDA and CDC food guideline standards.

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With this warmer, you need not add water each time you use it. The timer tells you how much time you have until the milk, formula or food is at the appropriate temperature. If you are away when the timer goes off and don’t hear it, you don’t have to worry about the milk overheating. The warmer shuts off automatically and removes the heat source, but manages to keep it at serving temperature.

The warmer is small and easy to fit in your baby’s diaper bag when you’re on the go. Simply plug it in and allow the warmer to do the work in heating up your baby’s lunch without delay. It’s even super easy to clean and maintain.

What we like: From breastmilk to formula, Kiinde gets the temperature just right.

Top 5 Bottle Warmers Comparison

The chart below offers a comparison of the top 5 bottle warmers’ features.

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Bottle Warmer Reviews

Check out our reviews of our other recommended bottle warmers to give you the knowledge and comparisons you need to make a decision.

Beaba Bib Secondes

Beaba Bib Secondes

Steam heating technology makes heating up your breastmilk or formula a breeze. Baby bottles warm in under 2 minutes and food jars in under 5 minutes. Just select the starting temperature of the meal, whether that be room, refrigerator or freezer temperature, and select the quantity of food or liquid you are heating. The warmer will do the rest of the work for you and select the precise timing needed to warm the food and keep it safe for the baby.

What we like: This warmer is compact, consistent and fast. 

Born Free Tru-Temp

Born Free Tru-Temp

A 5 oz. bottle of formula or breastmilk will warm in 3 minutes and a 9 oz. bottle will warm in 4 to 6 minutes, after which the warmer will immediately shut off to avoid overheating. Simply refill the water once a day and designate the bottle size before warming to calculate the time needed to warm the bottle. In addition to warming, this system also cools bottles with an additional and removable insulated cooler that can keep 2 bottles cool for up to 8 hours.

What we like: Keep the cooler and the warmer in the baby’s room to make middle of the night meals easier. 

Cuisinart BW-10

Cuisinart BW-10

This sleek and compact warmer uses steam heat to warm your baby’s breastmilk or formula quickly and to the right temperature, no matter what size container or bottle you use. You can also use it to warm jars of food using the included jar basket. A nightlight is included for any sleepy, middle of the night strolls to the kitchen while the baby is crying for a bottle.

What we like: The warmer shuts off automatically and the water evaporates when heating is through. 

Dr. Brown’s

Dr. Brown's


The basket in this warmer is adjustable to allow for different size bottles and food jars to be warmed. The refillable water chamber does not need to be refilled with each use, and instead can be refilled after multiple uses. With the LCD control panel, alarm will go off when the meal is through heating. You’ll love the small size for easy transportation.

What we like: Cycle memory can repeat preferred heating times. 

We hope our reviews of the top choice bottle warmers helped aid your decision to buy the best bottle warmer.

How to Select a Bottle Warmer

  • Steam vs. Water Bath: Steam heating is achieved when the water that has been added to the warmer meets a heating element and creates steam. This method typically heats the milk or food faster, but is more likely to overheat it. Water baths are a more traditional method of reheating breastmilk or formula. They take a bit longer than the steam heating method.
  • What kind of bottles do you have?: Not all baby bottle warmers can accommodate every type of bottle. You may find yourself purchasing bottles before your baby is born, but what if your baby rejects them and your new bottles don’t fit in the warmer?
  • Protection of nutrients: Breastmilk contains many nutrients, proteins and antibodies necessary for baby’s growth. Overheating destroys these good qualities. Be mindful of some steam warmers that bring the temperature higher than is appropriate.
  • Consistency: Check the reviews of different bottle warmers to search for consistency. You want to eliminate guesswork when warming a bottle and get the same temperature every time.
  • Mobility: Find a small, sleek warmer that will be easy to put in your diaper bag if the need arises to take it with you somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I just use the microwave to heat my baby’s milk or formula? The high heat that a microwave can reach has been known to cause dangerous “hot spots” in the milk. Particularly with breastmilk, using the microwave can deteriorate nutrients and other immunity and health-boosting qualities.
  • How fast do bottles warm with bottle warmers? Most steam heating bottle warmers warm bottles of 9 oz. in 4 minutes or under. Warm water bath warmers take a bit longer, usually around 15 minutes.
  • Is it worth the money to buy a warmer when I can just heat up the bottle with hot water? That depends on your time and patience. If you think your baby can wait while you heat up the bottle, then don’t bother with a bottle warmer. However, bottle warmers are not too expensive and they heat the baby’s meal is a third of the time.
  • How do I clean a bottle warmer? Empty any remaining contents of the warmer and remove the water reservoir. Use a mild dish soap and a sponge or cloth to wipe down the outside and inside. Any removable baskets can usually be dish washed. Just make sure all the parts are dry before you put it back together. 

Feeding time for your baby is probably one of the most important acts of each day and night. Make sure your baby is fed and healthy using our bottle warmer reviews to help you choose the best bottle warmer on the market.