Best Cloth Diaper With Reviews

The thought of wrapping your baby up in a square piece of cloth, pinned together, prone to leaking, and yours for the cleaning may make you cringe. However, when you think about how much you and your baby are contributing to the local landfill, you may cringe even more. Fear not, for cloth diapers are not what they used to be, and we have compiled reviews of the best cloth diapers to help you minimize your waste while taking care of you child’s.

Best Cloth Diaper

10 Pack Pocket Cloth Diapers

Happy Flute 10 Pack Cloth Diapers comes in 10 fun designs and patterns. The reusable diapers are made with soft microfiber fabric that is breathable and prevents leaks via the 3D Leak Prevention Channel. Each diaper comes with 2 thick, microfiber inserts that are very absorbent and fit nicely in diaper pockets so they don’t fall out.

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No matter if your baby is a newborn of 6.5 pounds or a toddler of 28 pounds, these diapers will fit as they are one size fits all. The snaps adjust to the size of the baby. You’ll love how easy they are to clean and how easy they are to put on your baby.

What we like: The inserts and diapers fold up small enough to take up minimal space in your diaper bag.

Top 5 Cloth Diapers Comparison

Below is a chart comparing some of the key features of the best cloth diapers.

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Cloth Diaper Reviews

We’ve checked out some of the top cloth diapers on the market for you and have compiled reviews for you to compare.

Naturally Nature

Naturally Nature


These come in a pack of 6 fun-designed diapers, from curly mustaches to cute fish. The double rows of snaps mean that you can adjust them in multiple ways, as they fit children from 6 pounds to 33 pounds. Each diaper comes with 2 inserts, which can be worn inside the pocket of the diaper or outside. To protect against leaks, these durable products are made with leg gussets. For your child’s comfort, the 100% microfiber terrycloth material is very absorbent and breathable.

What we like: Great quality at an affordable price. 

Alva Baby

Alva Baby

Funky skulls and bright dinosaurs are among the fun designs on Alva Baby’s 6 pack of cloth diapers. They are incredibly soft and the strong material is durable and breathable. The diapers and 12 inserts are machine washable and machine dryable. They are made with double rows of snaps to fit babies of 6 pounds to 33 pounds, and they are made with leg gussets to prevent against leaks.

What we like: Keeps the baby dry no matter how much mess he or she makes. 

Naturally Nature

Naturally Nature Cloth

These 6 cloth diapers come in simple, unisex colors of white, gray, orange, teal, lime green and light green. 12 liners are included to be used in the fitted pockets, which keep the microfiber liners snugly in place throughout the day. You can feel even better about your contribution to the helping the environment knowing that these diapers are made from 100% high quality recyclable microfiber terry cloth material. They are naturally absorbent and free of latex, perfumes or dyes.

What we like: The snaps and pocket for inserts ensure a tight fit to prevent leaking. 

LBB Reusable

LBB Reusable

Choose from a variety of combinations of different cloth diaper styles with this 6 pack. Each diaper comes with 1 insert made of soft microfiber. From 8 pounds to 40 pounds, infancy to potty training, the three rows of adjustable snaps make this a versatile diaper in size. For an extra small waist, the waist tab even overlaps to accommodate. The exterior is anti-leak and the interior is breathable and waterproof.

What we like: They line-dry within a few hours!

How to Maintain Cloth Diapers

The point of using cloth diapers is so that you can keep reusing them, so it is important to wash them properly. It is actually a good idea to wash cloth diapers once before you use them to increase absorbency.

  • Prepare diapers for wash: Many parents will choose to soak stained diapers for a few hours before washing. Don’t soak diapers with waterproof outer layers.
  • What to use: Use a simple detergent, not soap, that is fragrance, enzyme and additive-free. Do not use fabric softeners. Add a half a cup of baking soda or a full cup of white vinegar to the load to help get rid of odors. However, check the manufacturer’s label before adding any odor eliminating solutions.
  • How to wash: Wash diapers and inserts separately, and wash everything separate from normal clothing, usually in water under 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Most washing machines should accommodate a maximum of 24 cloth diapers at a time. Make sure the diapers are well-rinsed and completely clean. If they still have an odor after the first wash, wash them a second time.
  • How to dry: The best and most environmentally friendly mode of drying is to line-dry, specifically indoors or during a windy day to keep the diapers soft. Harsh sunlight may stiffen the diapers. However, most diapers can be dried in the drying machine. Just make sure to secure snaps or Velcro before starting up the drier.

Types of Cloth Diapers

  • Flats: Large and single layer, square or rectangle. Usually made of absorbent cotton, muslin, terry cloth or flannel. They must be folded into the shape of a diaper before use.
  • Prefolds: These are rectangles in shape and have been folded and layered, with the center strip of the diaper sewn so that it has more layers of absorbent material where it is needed the most. The center typically has 4-6 layers of material and the rest usually has 2-4 layers.
  • Shaped Diapers: Instead of a square or rectangle shape, these diapers are shaped like triangles, T-shaped, X-shaped or Y-shaped. These are no longer popular due to their replacement, the contour diaper.
  • Contours: These are shaped like an hourglass so that you don’t need to fold before you use them as a diaper. They are also less bulky.
  • Tie-Up: Strings attached to the diaper tie the cloths together after it has been folded.
  • Fitteds: These are hourglass shaped with elastic at the legs to avoid leaks. Velcro or snaps fit the baby into the diaper snugly.
  • Pocket: Hourglass shaped and snaps or Velcro to secure the baby, they have a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer that is sewn to create a pocket for absorbent inserts, usually made of microfiber, bamboo or charcoal bamboo.