Best Double Stroller with Reviews

Having more than one young child can be hectic enough. Having the best double stroller can help you keep track of your little ones during your everyday activities, like going to the supermarket or strolling through the park. Not sure which one is best for your family? Don’t worry. We’ve done the research and have provided reviews of the best double strollers.

Best Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Double StrollersThe Baby Jogger  City Select is easily the most versatile stroller on the market. The two baby seats are in-line style, but that doesn’t deter a wide variety of position changes. With multiple recline positions, you can arrange the seats 16 different ways, depending on the age and activity level of your children. Each seat has a 45 pound weight capacity and a multi-position footwell.

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Adjust the handlebar easily for tall daddies and short mommies, and put the brakes on just as conveniently using the hand-operated parking brake. When you’re not using the stroller, it folds up so simply that you can do it with one hand while you hold your baby with the other.

You’ll love the strong tires when you’re rolling the stroller over grass or gravel, and the caddy/cup holder is perfect for everything from sippy cups to iced coffees. Below the seats, the large amount of storage space for diaper bags or purses make this a top choice among parents with full hands.

What we like: Durable enough for your first child to your last.

Top 5 Double Stroller Comparison

Below is a chart comparing some key features of the top 5 double strollers.

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Double Stroller Reviews

Perhaps you want a side-by-side double stroller over an in-line, or maybe you found that you prefer other features in your stroller. We have compiled a list of reviews of our other favorite double strollers to help you pick the one that is perfect for you.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie
BOB Revolution SEYour kids can ride side by side with the top down or with comfortable shade in this double stroller. The lightweight frame is easily folded for user-friendly transport. This stroller will be a favorite among active parents. The swiveling front wheel makes for accessible maneuverability, and when the terrain gets tough or you pick up the pace for a jog, the front wheel locks forward for better balance and support.

Your kids will also love the padded seats and multiple recliner positions for added comfort.

What we like: The suspension on the stroller will offer a smoother ride than your minivan. 

Baby Jogger Summit X3

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double StrollerBreaking out into a jog with your kids in the stroller is as easy as flipping the switch on the handle bar to lock the front wheel straight, and when you’re ready to stroll again, just release the swivel mode without missing a beat. For uneven terrains, the rear drum brakes are hand operated to offer increased control and the all-wheel suspension system offers a smooth ride. It carries all the features of a regular stroller, such as an adjustable sun canopy with windows and ventilation, padded and near 180 degree recline position seats, ergonomic handlebars and storage compartments behind and below the seats.

What we like: So easy to steer and fold. 

Britax B-Agile

Britax B-Agile Double StrollerThis stroller is a top choice for functionality and safety. The 5-point harness and head pad with reflective binding will keep both of your little ones out of harm’s way, and the tray table in front is perfect to keep them occupied with snacks, drinks or toys. A large basket underneath and two zip-up pockets behind the seats are great for storage, and the handle is height adjustable. Infinite recliner positions mean that you can use this stroller from birth, and the positions offer comfort to your baby whether they are seated upright to look out at the world or laying down for a nap.

What we like: The large mesh canopies with ventilation windows allow you to see your child as they take shelter. 

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Contours Options Elite Tandem StrollerThis in-line style stroller can accommodate up to 7 seating positions, and EVA coated back rubber wheels are shock absorbing for a bump-free ride. The stroller can easily fold with both seats still on, and it auto-locks and stands still without you having to do anything. The stroller can also accommodate 2 infant stroller seats, and it includes a Universal Car Seat Adapter that can adapt to 20 different car seats. A cup holder for the parent and a very large basket underneath make your life easier.

What we like: The mesh pocket in both seats is great for holding bottles and toys.

Types of Double Strollers

  • In-Line: With in-line strollers, the two seats are positioned one in front of the other. Sometimes one seat is higher than the other and at other times, they are the same height. While many in-line double strollers offer a wide range of positions, the problem is that often, the two seats do not offer the same features, for example, one may contain a foot rest and the other a snack tray. Seats like these may be better for children of different ages rather than twins. On the up side, these strollers fit more easily in doorways than their counterpart, the side-by-side double stroller.
  • Side-by-Side: These are the more common types of strollers on the market. They are more appropriate for children of the same age or close in age, however don’t be deterred from letting your infant and your toddler ride together. All protection elements, size of seats and additional features are identical. Sometimes they offer two different custom canopies for each seat, but often there is only one canopy for both seats. The down side to these strollers is that their width doesn’t always fit in doorways, and even folded up they take up a bit more room. However, they are generally more maneuverable than in-line strollers.

How to Select Double Strollers

  • Style: Choose between in-line and side-by-side (using descriptions above) to determine which is the best fit for you and your family.
  • Regularity: How often do you plan to use the stroller? If this is an everyday stroller, the more features, the better. Look for less basic strollers and find ones instead that have storage space, cup holders, snack trays, reclining seats, varied positions, etc. The right stroller can make your everyday life much easier once you get used to it.
  • Ages: How old are the passengers? Are they twins? Do they still take naps? Do they have an age gap? Most side-by-side strollers are better for children of the same age, while children of differing ages will prefer the solidarity of an in-line stroller, especially since in-line seats often offer different features for each seat. One might need a snack tray, the other might need to lay down for a nap.
  • Use: Is this just meant to be a means to cart around your children, or do you want the stroller to double as a jogger? If you like to keep your children with you while you stay active, consider a stroller with a swivel front wheel that locks when you speed up, or can easily adjust to different speeds and terrains.

Choosing the best double stroller can be tricky, however, we hope that our research and double stroller reviews have helped you to choose the right product for you.