Best Jogging Stroller With Reviews

Don’t let being a new parent deter you from staying fit. Buy the best jogging stroller and take your kid on a thrilling ride through the park as you keep up on your cardio. To make sure that you feel the stroller becomes an extension of your body, we’ve written up some jogging stroller reviews.

Best Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

The BOB Revolution Flex Stroller offers you and your child the smoothest ride using up-to-date suspension technology. It has one front wheel that swivels to allow you to make whatever sharp turns necessary, and the wheel locks forward for stability as you pick up the speed or run from pavement to soil.

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No matter what height you or your spouse is, this stroller’s padded handlebar adjusts easily to 9 different positions. While the suspension offers your child a bump-free ride, their adjustable reclining seat is also extra-padded for added comfort, and the five-point padded harness keeps your child safe.

The lightweight and sturdy frame folds simply in two steps for convenient storage and transport. You can use the stroller from the birth of your baby with the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter and compatible car seat, or wait 8 weeks to use the stroller as is. A small storage compartment is great for holding a diaper bag and your bottle of water.

What we like: The canopy blocks the sun from hitting baby’s face from a number of angles.

Top 5 Jogging Stroller Comparison

Below find a chart comparing the top 5 jogging strollers based on select features.

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Jogging Stroller Reviews

The following reviews of jogging strollers should help you compare what else is on the market before you buy.

Chicco TRE Performance

Chicco TRE Performance


Whether you want a daily stroller or a performance jogger, the Chicco TRE has it all. For everyday use, it offers a full coverage extendable canopy, a 5-point adjustable harness and a reclining seat with multiple positions. The removable arm bar is designed to attach Chicco Keyfit infant car seats in place of the child seat, creating a frame carrier to be used for the baby during his or her first 6 months. It also features a parent tray and a large basket. As a jogger, it offers 16-inch pneumatic rear tires, suspension that adjusts with a toe tap, and controls on the adjustable handlebar to lock the front swivel. It also includes a hand operated deceleration brake.

What we like: Easy to manage controls make the transition from walking to jogging simple. 

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

It offers a variety of options for infant car seat adapters, such as BRITAX/BOB, Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego. The adjustable reclining seat is ultra padded and has a 5-point padded harness. The swiveling front wheel allows for maneuverability and locks forward, and the adjustable suspension system provides stability when jogging or on tough terrain. It folds easily in two steps for storage, and it includes a canopy and undercarriage storage.

What we like: Never has it been so easy to fold up or open a stroller. 

Graco Relay Click Connect

Graco Relay Click Connect

Like any top choice jogging stroller, this one has a locking front-swivel wheel and high-grade suspension for a smooth ride no matter where you jog. The fabrics are breathable for your child’s comfort and feature reflective piping to help with visibility if there is less lighting. You’ll love being able to fold or unfold the stroller with one hand while the other holds the baby. For parent’s peace of mind, it also features a wrist-attachable safety tether. It conveniently has a cup holder, zippered storage, and a phone pocket, in addition to a large basket underneath.

What we like: The all-weather canopy offers UV50 protection. 

Joovy Zoom 360

Joovy Zoom 360

This is the largest jogger available with the highest push handle and a larger and taller seat. With unlimited recline positions, a big sun canopy, a 5-point harness and a reflective package for nighttime jogging, you never have to worry about your child’s comfort or safety. The 3 pneumatic tires (12 ½ inch front and 16 inch back) all have quick release and the rear wheels have a one step parking break. The neoprene parent organizer includes a zippered storage container and two cup holders.

What we like: The seat has mesh pockets to hold the child’s toys. 

We hope these reviews of the best jogging strollers have helped you to find the perfect product for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you use one with infants? Usually it is not recommended for a child under 12 months to jog with you in the stroller. However, if you want to take your baby along with you, make sure your stroller comes with head and neck support similar to those with infant car seats. If it doesn’t come with one, buy one. Make sure to stay on even terrains.
  • How old does my baby be to join me for my runs? Your baby should be 6 to 8 months old to accompany you for a jog so that he or she can hold up his or her own head.
  • Are jogging strollers allowed on planes? You cannot take strollers on planes because they do not fit and they are unsafe in overhead storage. At check-in, the airport will likely tag the stroller so you can use it to get to the gate and leave it at the runway, and it will be waiting for you at the next runway when you reach your destination.
  • Can you use a jogger for everyday use? Normally, you can use these strollers for everyday use. However, check before you buy on how big the stroller is when folded and if it will still fit in your car. Many joggers are too bulky.

How to Select a Jogging Stroller

  • Size of Wheels: The bigger the wheels, the smoother the ride. Think about where you tend to run. If it’s mainly on paved streets, 12 inch wheels should do the trick. Say you mainly stay to paved paths but also have a tendency to jog across fresh cut grass- 16 inch wheels are right for you. If you prefer you’re more the long distance, off-road type, then search for a jogger with 20 inch wheels.
  • Front Wheel Swivel: Most parents want to use their jogger for everyday use, as well. However, many jogging strollers have a front wheel that doesn’t swivel, which is safer because it provides stability and tracking at increased speeds. However, this won’t work for a trip to the grocery store. The best option would be a front wheel that swivels, but also locks, either automatically or with a parent control.
  • Five-Point Harness: For your child’s safety, a five-point harness will keep them locked in safely as you run. Look for a harness with extra padding for comfort.
  • Canopy: Make sure the canopy keeps your baby shaded from the sun, but doesn’t suffocate him or her with the material.
  • Suspension: Good suspension is important so you don’t jostle your baby while you run. However, if you plan to stay on mainly paved roads rather than rugged terrain, don’t pay too much extra for the best of the best suspension.
  • Seat: Padded seats are a must, and reclining seats are nice to have when you want to put baby down for a nap.
  • Leash/Tether: What happens if you trip and loose your grip on the stroller? If it comes with a leash or tether, you won’t have to worry about the stroller rolling away from you with the momentum of your actions.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: Dad may be 6’2” and mom may be 5’1”. Handle bars that adjust to you and your spouse’s height can make a world of difference in your comfort as your jog.

Weight Limit: Weight limit doesn’t stop at the weight of your child. Think about what else you’ll be carrying in the stroller, i.e., diaper bag, bottles of water, etc.