Breastfeeding VS Bottle feeding

It has been a long debate for mothers around the world on whether to breastfeed their baby, bottle feed them, or a combination of the two. Many new parents struggle with this usual dilemma. Nevertheless, the decision still depends on the mother.

Breastfeeding VS Bottle feeding

Although breastfeeding is without a doubt, a very wise decision, parents should also be aware that there are downsides as well. On the other hand, using the formula for bottle feeding is not as beneficial and healthy as breastfeeding; there are still some advantages of bottle feeding. As you read along, you will find some helpful guidance on deciding what’s best for you (mother) and your family.

Breastfeeding Pros for baby

Since it came directly from a mother’s breast, it has a lot of nourishment. It composes of antibodies and white blood cells that fight diseases in the body. Hence, preventing common colds, and other viruses your baby can acquire because they are still not immune to those kinds of infections in the first months.

We may say that it is always available because in the first few months of the baby; the mother is the one who usually takes care of her.

Yes, it is free, obviously.

It helps prevent SIDS. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that breastfeeding can help lessen the possibility of SIDS in babies.

Formula milk has an amount of protein that makes it harder for your little one to digest. While milk coming from a mother’s breast can easily be digested by your baby.

Promote brain development. A mother’s milk contains a fatty acid that can help with cognitive development – thus, higher IQs and quicker development.

Solid food eating. Since the taste of breast milk varies with the kind of food the mother eats, the baby is introduced to different tastes – hence, it will make it a lot easier for the baby to eat food as she grows.

Get fit in an instant. Studies suggest that breastfeeding can help the mother’s out there who gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy days lose weight more easily.

Cons of Breastfeeding

It’s tiring. Since the mother is the only one who produces milk, obviously, it can get a little tiring because you need to feed your baby frequently (every two to three hours). So, you must either get up from the bed and feed your baby or pump an appropriate amount of breast milk so that your husband or the nanny will feed your little one for you.

Breastfeeding can lead to soreness and dryness of your nipples.

Be careful on what you eat, mommy. Since the food, drinks, and vitamins, you intake can be directly passed on to your baby, you have to be very conscious. Certain food can also lead to allergic reactions.

Awkward situation. Generally, women are uncomfortable in exposing their breasts in public, obviously. Thus, feeding your baby with your breasts can be a little awkward not just for you, mother, but also for the people around you.

Pros of Bottle feeding

Any members of the family can feed your baby while you are resting or at work, for instance.

It takes more time to digest. Formula milks takes longer to digest as compared to the breast milk – thus, you don’t have to frequently feed your baby and get some much-needed rest.

Presence of Vitamin D. Some breast milk lacks vitamin D; hence, you are ought to constantly expose your child to sunlight to get that much-needed vitamin D.

Moms can eat whatever they want. You are allowed to eat any kind of food, or drink coffee as much as you want and not worrying whether the baby will get any allergic reactions from the food you are munching.

It becomes less stressful and tiring. Sometimes, breastfeeding continuously is exhausting and frustrating. You may want to switch to feeding your baby through the use of a bottle instead.

Cons of Bottle feeding

Easily gets sick. Babies who are bottle fed will definitely miss out a great opportunity for a portion of immunity and other health advantages that accompanies breastfeeding.

It is expensive. Using a formula can cost you a huge amount of money.

It is quite a hassle. The thought of carrying your child’s bottle, cleaning them, and sterilizing them can cost you a lot of time.

Possible medical problems. Studies suggest that formula-fed babies are more at risk of having a constipation or diarrhea in the sense that it is more difficult to digest contrary to the breast milk.

Choosing on whether to use a formula or breast milk must be a family decision; the wife and the husband. There’s no harm in attempting to breastfeed your baby, especially in the first few weeks of your newborn to directly pass some needed immunities. However, it is not convenient for everyone. Don’t be so worried because either breastfeeding or using a formula milk, your little one will grow strong and healthy.

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