Should You Buy A Used Highchair

Want to have feeding comfort for the infant, high chair becomes essential.One of the many things on a money conscious parent’s mind is the high cost of the essentials for a baby.  Those small, wondrous creatures come with a large price ticket when you begin to add up all the essentials.  A highchair is a necessity, but whether or not to buy a used one can be thoroughly weighed out with the proper information.

Should You Buy A Used Highchair

The cycle of most baby equipment ends after the child grows out of it. So what happens after the child has outgrown the baby gear which cost such a pretty penny? Some get shoved away into storage in case of another birth, thrown out to the curb, or recycled via garage sale or thrift store.

Second hand Highchair Safety

Safety is of course the top concern when dealing with anything secondhand for your child. Therefore we have developed a checklist to help you find a quality secondhand highchair within your already stretched budget.

  • How sturdy is the chair? Is it stable on solid ground?
  • Is there anything that could compromise the safety of the highchair such as missing screws or bolts?
  • Does it have an up-to-date safety harness? At least a 3 point if not a 5 point harness is what you’re looking for.
  • Look for any signs of sharp edges and cracks anywhere especially the tray. You can do this by running your hand over every part of the highchair and visually checking it over carefully.
  • Do the locks and catches on the highchair work properly?
  • Check the cushion thoroughly for cracks and or exposed foam. The foam may present a choking hazard to your infant.
  • Make sure there is no flaking paint or splinters on any of the surfaces of the highchair.
  • Make sure the wood is intact and not broken.

All used baby equipment should be thoroughly checked over before a single penny is exchanged. Safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with a secondhand highchair.

Take the Mystery Out of Where To Find a Secondhand Highchair

Secondhand highchairs can be found everywhere these days. From online to local merchants, the resources are endless.


This will show several garage sales that may not be listed in the local newspaper that offer infant gear such as highchairs found under the for sale / garage sale section. You might also find someone selling a highchair privately through the for sale / baby +kid section.

Exclusive child thrift stores/consignments

These specialty stores take in quality gently used baby gear as well as age appropriate toys and clothes from preemie to juniors. Once Upon A Child is such a store.

Garage Sales

Look through your local Thursday and Sunday papers for any upcoming garage sales. Most garage sales ads these days identify some of the items for sale. So target sales with infant and children’s items.

Amazon and eBay

You can find just about anything on these 2 sites. Arrange to see the highchair in person prior to exchanging any money.

When Highchairs Keep Their Value

Some high chair designers create such versatile pieces; the high chair retains its value even though it’s secondhand.  One of these designers is Stokke. Their Tripp Trapp model is sought after due to its stylish simplicity and its 3-in-1 versatility.

Therefore it’s best to comparison shop before you buy. It just may save your hard earned money. The suggestions in the article above were designed to help you ensure your child’s safety and save you money by finding a quality, used highchair for your little one.

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