Tips For Buying A High Chair

Buying a high chair signifies more than the infant’s ability to consume something other than milk. It represents the aspect of the infant relating with others during meals, allowing for positive involvement from others in the family unit together, and nourishment. As well as communication skills to be formed. There are several things to keep in mind when buying a high chair. Above all, three things stand out more than all others. They are safety, portability and cost. These three aspects ensure the right high chair for you and your before going for it refer to different high chair review and make a decision.

Tips For Buying A High Chair


Safety is, of course, a big factor in any purchase for your little one. Some of the ways to ensure safety is by buying exactly the right model of highchair. There are two types.

  • The type that attaches to the kitchen table itself or a chair.

These are designed specifically for children 6 months of age or older. As this type of highchair does not recline, they require the child to be able to sit up by themselves. They also must be secured more strictly to ensure your child’s safety as there isn’t a wide leg base beneath the child.

  • The type that stands alone

This is the type that comes to mind when most people hear the word highchair.  It has a stable base, usually a pull off tray, with wide legs.  These high chairs come with a mandatory waist harness and crotch harness. Some even come with shoulder straps.

  • Safety features

Mandatory waist restraints, crotch harness, shoulder straps (optional) are just the beginning of the many safety features.  Pinch free tray gliders, stable base, wide legs, recliner (for children under 6 months) and safety latch on fold up models.


If you’re like most new parents you’re on a tight budget between the cost of diapers, formula, bottles and endless mountains of laundry just to name a few. Some excellent highchairs are inexpensive. Retail giants such as Walmart and Target carry a majority of highchairs priced around $45 to $100. If price reflects quality in your eyes, Boon makes a model that costs a staggering $399.

Portable Aspects

Highchairs of today are totally portable this day and age, compared to its generations of ancestors. Before, the high chair was meant to encourage the infant and the family to eat together. Most often with stay at home sit down dinners of years past. In today’s world, on the go families may still sit down at the dinner table, but with the new highchairs that collapse or attach to a chair, you can bring an entirely different social experience from in-laws to a fast food restaurant experience. Other portability aspects are trays that lock into the back legs of the high chair, dishwasher safe trays, easy to clean padding where baby sits, adjustable/removable footrests, easy to clean restraints and some come with cup holders which are great for holding the bottle when you need a third hand.

These three factors are of the main concern for most new parents when shopping for a highchair for their infant. They are the realistic commonalities of a large purchase. At its core of buying any purchase, most people would look at what are the safety features, the cost to buy it and how long can you use this item to make it worthwhile for the price. Aside from the crib, this is usually the next big purchase in your child’s life.

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