Child Supervision in the Information age

There are so many different ways to supervise your child with the advent of new technologies and the traditionalism of older methods.  You could employ a baby sitter in order to supervise your child or you could make use of a baby monitor.  In most cases, it’s appropriate to find a good mixture of the two.  For now, though, let’s focus on the latter.

Child Supervision in the Information age

Baby monitors have been around since the 1930’s when Japanese-American inventor, Isamu Noguchi, designed the “radio nurse.”  The Zenith Radio Company commissioned Noguchi to create such a device in response to the tragic kidnapping of the Lindberg baby out of the family’s nursery.  Since then baby monitors have become common household items, especially amongst the homes of new (or expecting) parents.

Since the 30’s there have been an incredible amount of enhancements made to Noguchi’s original design.  Now certain add-ons can be supplemented to your device to make it even more secure.  Certain monitors include talk back features.  This allows your child to speak into the monitor if they need to respond to you.  This is good for toddlers or those infants, just beginning to discover the control they have over their words.  Other features include video imaging software in which you can monitor your children not only audibly, but visually as well.  Low light to night vision enhancements can be purchased as well in order to ensure you can monitor your child in the dark.

Baby monitors are no replacement for actual human supervision, but they do play a vital role in the safety of your child.  In the busy times that we live in it’s understandable that not everyone is able to be there for their child twenty-four hours of the day.  Luckily this is the information age and the technological advances we’ve made have given us a way to make up for the lack of time we have to monitor our children.  If you need to be elsewhere around the house baby monitors allow you to listen for your sleeping child without having to make the walk to the nursery every five minutes.  If you need to head out of the state or country for business, the baby monitor is a good way to stay connected to your child despite the distance between the two of you.

Rising concerns that the baby monitor is redundant or outdated have no place when it comes to the actual safety of your child.  Just say, goodness forbid, that something actually does happen to your child while you’re out and about.  You’d never forgive yourself for opting to ignore the prompting to purchase a baby monitor.  An accident, no matter how large or small, is still an accident and employing the use of a baby monitor can help prevent that.

In the age we live in, technology helps us with our children.  It’s not meant to replace us in any way, shape, or form.  And the baby monitor is the prime example for this idea.  It allows us to still accomplish what we need to do without having to worry that we are neglecting our children because we’re always listening, or watching, to make sure they’re safe and secure.

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