Diaper Rash Causes

When a red painful rash suddenly appears on baby’s backside, it is common and a sign of good parenting to want to know why, and how to cure it,for more such information click here.  so that the sweet little one can resume enjoying the happy world of childhood. Here we have some of the “whys” behind diaper rash.

Diaper Rash Causes

Moisture- Excess moisture is perhaps the top “why” behind diaper rash. There are two main types of excessive moisture which could be pooling in baby’s diaper: sweat, or urine.

Sweating- Sweating is a natural response to cool the body. A baby might have extra moisture due to sweat related to bodily temperatures. A baby might sweat more than usual during times of illness, such as a fever, during hot weather, or when covered with excessive layers, such as clothing or blankets.

Wet Diaper– Sitting in a “wet” diaper for too long is not healthy for a baby. The excess moisture and harshness of urine against a baby’s delicate skin can cause it to become irritated and break out in a rash. Once the skin is torn, remaining in a dirty diaper becomes especially unhealthy as it increases baby’s risk of developing a severe diaper rash and infection.

Wrong size diaper/ Friction-Sometimes the source of skin irritation for a baby is the incorrect size of a diaper. Diapers which are too large may be sources of excess friction, which could rub against a baby’s delicate skin and even cause abrasions. Diapers which are too small will often fit too tightly to allow air circulation, and can even restrict movement. It is important to ensure that baby has the proper size diaper. If plastic diapers appear to be a source of irritation for baby regardless of the size, then 100% cloth diapers may be a suitable alternative.

Improper Clothing- Clothing, like diapers, may be a source contributing to a diaper rash due to causing excess sweat. Two common reasons for this include: the wrong size clothing, and or the wrong type of clothing.

Wrong Sizes-The main concern for causing excessive sweating for baby in relation to diaper rashes is clothing which is too small for a baby. Tight clothing often reducing air circulation, not allowing the air movement to help cool a child’s skin, which can lead to the body sweating in an attempt to regulate the temperature and keep baby cool.

Too many layers-Another common cause of excess sweating which could lead to additional moisture for a baby and a diaper rash is not dressing weather appropriately or having too many layers. Being too bundled up when the weather conditions do not call for such layers can cause a baby to overheat and to sweat. If the sweat is not given a means to evaporate properly, then the moisture will continue to sit against baby’s skin and could lead to irritation and a rash.

Understanding the “why” behind something is often the key to being able to enact meaningful change, and that certainly is the case when it comes to baby and diaper rashes. Once you understand that moisture is often the culprit behind diaper rash, you can begin to take steps to decrease the amount of moisture that is allowed to remain on your little one’s bottom, and help thwart diaper rashes for good.

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