Going Eco-friendly With Green Crib Mattresses

Whether you are considering on buying an organic crib mattress for your child’s safety because you don’t want them to be exposed to those harmful chemicals used in a regular crib mattress or you just decided to be kind to our Mother Earth and be environment-friendly, surely you’ll find numerous options for organic crib mattresses.

Green Crib Mattresses

Believe it or not, in the early stage of a baby’s life, they spend 70% of their time in their crib, and sleeps up to 10 to 14 hours a day; hence, you, as a parent, want your little one to sleep in a safe and non-toxic bed. Usually, materials (chemicals) such as PVC, polyurethane foam and toxic flame-retardants are used to make a traditional mattress.

An organic crib mattress is indeed a perfect choice for the mommies out there who wants a non-toxic bedding for their baby. It offers a lot of benefits suitable for your little one’s safety. Basically, most organic crib mattresses used natural materials – natural rubber (latex), organic cotton, or an organic wool. More information on best crib mattress can be found here.

Benefits of an Organic Crib Mattress

Flame-resistant. Organic crib mattresses are composed of wool (a natural flame retardant). Hence, decreasing the parent’s fear about flammable crib mattresses when their child is asleep.

Did you know that babies are born with chemicals in their blood? Good thing organic crib mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic. Adding more chemicals to the body increases the possibility of emerging symptom and other health-related issues in your baby’s life. To round it all up, more chemicals, the greater the chance of having any allergies.

Healthy for your child’s lungs. An organic crib mattress is breathable. Furthermore, chemicals used in a traditional mattress continue to develop and degrade when exposed to other chemicals – thus, giving off toxic fumes (gassing). It can affect your baby’s lung tissues when these toxic fumes are being breathed in.

Lessen the possibility of SIDS. Medical reports show that a New Zealand scientist has discovered a link between the toxic fumes produced by the crib mattresses when they are degraded and SIDS. Your infant has a diminished shot of SIDS when you switch to a natural crib mattress that is chemical-free.

Your baby can adapt to the weather. When the winter time comes, parents tend to be worried about their baby having a cold – on an organic crib mattress, they stay warm and cozy when they’re sleeping. Wool is also a natural insulator; hence, keeping your baby warm during winter and cool during summer.

Free of Dust Mites. All the people are aware of dust mites causing health issues, but worry not, because organic crib mattresses are made from dust mite-resistant materials.

Just a quick reminder, not all crib mattresses that are labeled as ‘organic’, ‘natural’, or ‘eco-friendly’ are considered as a chemical-free crib mattress. It may still contain a vinyl covering or be layered in toxic and dangerous flame-retardant. Nonetheless, purchasing an organic crib mattress is a good idea for all the parents out there. Not only, you kept your baby away from those harmful materials, but also, you helped preserve our environment and keeping it clean and fresh.

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