How To Ensure Your Baby Is Safe On The High Chair

Yay! Your baby is finally old enough to eat baby food. This is a major milestone and you want to guarantee that your child has a pleasant experience with food so they develop healthy eating patterns when they are older. It’s always a hectic rush trying to get the food ready. You depend on the high chair at this point to guard your little one from falls.  It’s tall and may be repositionable.  So how do you ensure your baby’s safety while in the high chair?

How To Ensure Your Baby Is Safe On The High Chair

  • Safety first

Most high chairs offer a few safety features some people choose to ignore. But your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to you. Firmly attached to the plastic seat, is a waist belt and a crotch belt.  Make sure you have them firmly attached around your child every time the child is in the high chair.

  • Highchair trays are not a child restraint

These have been known to be improperly engaged and slipped completely off the base of the chair. Do NOT use this to secure the child in the seat. Always use the highchair restraints.

  • Keep it away from the table, walls, or counter

This is to ensure the baby can’t push off and potentially hurt themselves. A child should always be monitored while in the highchair at all times.

  • Stand up, sit down

Never allow your child to stand up in the chair. Your child could topple right out of it or cause the highchair to topple over throwing the child from the chair.

  • Secure the latch

A lot of newer highchairs will fold up out of the way when not in use. Therefore make sure the latch is locked down as this could cause serious harm to your child.

  • Check for any hazards

Thoroughly inspect your child’s highchair for any potential hazards. Make sure the highchair is free from any sharp edges or protrusions.being a parent u require the best high chair for your little one.

  • Do NOT leave child unattended

This is the one assurance you have to making sure that your child is 100% safe. Never allow your child to be alone in the highchair not even for a split second. So many accidents could have been prevented had the child never been left unattended.

  • JPMA Certification Seal

This seal assures you that the highchair you have has surpassed inspection annually and the product has been tested and approved year after year to the ASTM standards. Knowing that Juvenile Products are held to a higher standard will ease your conscious about the products that carry this seal as an added level of protection.

These safety pointers are designed to help keep your child safe while in the high chair. If you’re like most sleep deprived parents it’s a welcomed relief to have your child eating solid food with the promise of a good night’s sleep. This will help you sleep soundly knowing your child is safe in his/her highchair come the next feeding time.

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