FAQ About Diaper Rash

It has often been said that “babies do not come with a user manual,” which often means parents and guardians are left with many questions. Here we cover some of the top questions related to baby diaper rashes.

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What causes a diaper rash? In most cases what causes a diaper rash is excess moisture—urine or sweat-sitting for too long against the baby’s soft skin. Excessive friction, however, may also be a source of skin irritation, which could also cause a diaper rash.

How can diaper rash be prevented? Preventing diaper rash often means preventing the root causes of excess moisture or friction and commonly involves taking extra care to ensure that baby’s backside remains as clean and dry as possible. Allowing time for baby to go without a diaper, or using moisture absorbing powders, such as baby powder or cornstarch, can help to prevent excess moisture from causing a diaper rash.

Additionally, ensuring that baby wears the proper size diaper and clothing can help to reduce excessive friction or tightness which could lead to or aggravate a diaper rash. In cases where the excess moisture is sweat, ensure that baby is dressed in appropriate clothing for the weather and not overheating. Also, clothing which is too tight or too small, may cause baby to sweat more as the body has less room to breathe.

How do you cure a diaper rash? Curing a diaper rash commonly involves applying a diaper rash cream—frequently available for purchase over-the-counter, or also able to be made using homemade recipes- to the affected area, using a moisture absorbing powder to help prevent moisture from sticking to baby’s skin, and giving the baby’s bottom room to breathe without the constraint of a diaper 24-7.

Is diaper rash contagious? No, a diaper rash is not contagious. The diaper rash is an irritation against baby’s skin and is a break or near break of the skin, which is commonly caused by excessive moisture or friction. While not contagious, a diaper rash should be treated delicately as the rash is a source of pain and discomfort to the child with it.

Should I take my baby to the doctor for a diaper rash? In cases of severe diaper rash, seeking medical attention is advisable; however, in common cases of diaper rash, many parents do not find it necessary to seek medical attention. Whenever in doubt when it comes to little ones, it is often best to err on the side of caution and seek medical attention.

Do I need a prescription to buy diaper rash cream? In most cases, no. Diaper rash creams are commonly available over-the-counter without a prescription. However, for extreme cases of diaper rash, a stronger, more medicated diaper rash cream may be needed, for which prescription creams are available.

A diaper rash is often a source of pain and discomfort for a child. When changing a baby with a diaper rash, an extra kindness, patience, and understanding are often needed to help baby heal physically, as well as feel nurtured emotionally.

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