FAQs About Jogging Stroller

If you are about to have a baby, you better start preparing by now. Stroller, diapers, car seat, crib, etc. and the list go on. It’s a bit stressful, right? With all the new baby gears appearing in the market, it’ll make your head spin – too many items to choose from, and there will come a time when you ask yourself, is this necessary?

FAQs About Jogging Stroller

Strollers are one of the most common and important gears to be used by your little one. However, it’s not that easy; there are so many types of strollers you can choose from, nowadays. One is the Jogging stroller – not familiar with it? Don’t worry because this article will tackle the most frequent asked questions about Jogging Strollers.

What are the differences between Jogging Strollers and Regular Strollers?

Obviously, jogging strollers are for those parents who have an active lifestyle. It is designed for the runner parents out there. On the other hand, there’s the regular strollers for the parents who are not fond of jogging around the neighborhood.

  • Wheels: A regular stroller has four wheels, while joggers have three wheels only (two in the back, and one in the front).
  • Size: Jogging strollers are heavier as compared to the normal ones. Furthermore, regular strollers are less bulky than those jogger ones.

Why should I buy a jogging stroller?

If you still want to be in tip-top shape and take care of your baby at the same time, regular stroller is not built for that task – jogging strollers are. Joggers consist of air-filled tires for a smooth ride (uphill or downhill). They also have shock absorbers to lessen the stress impact  your little one may experience when running. Moreover, it has safety features like hand brakes and wrist strap to control the stroller when you’re running a bit faster than normal.

Can I use it daily or every now and then?

As for the consumers’ experience, it is still wise to buy both the jogging stroller and regular stroller when you really want to remain fit even after you conceived a baby (NOTE: Mommy, you should be eight months rested before going for a run).

How old should a baby be before using a jogging stroller?

Preferably, a baby should be at least six months old before putting them in a jogging stroller and going for a run – a baby who is just about 1-5 months old cannot support their heads. Nonetheless, there are some jogging strollers especially made for even younger babies – even so, you should still look for a product where they can lay their little one flat, and the ability to clip it in a car seat with an ample neck support.

When buying, what safety features should I look for?

Of course, your number-one priority should be your baby’s safety. Here are several things you should look for when buying a jogging stroller:

  • A non-swiveling/stable front tire to stay on the straight path as you move/run.
  • A five-point harness safety belt to lessen the risk of your child sliding out of the seat or falling off while you’re running.
  • A hand/wrist strap so that you are in control of the stroller, and so that it won’t continuously roll over when you are running a bit faster than normal.
  • A hand brake to manage the stroller when taking an up or down hill path.
  • Look for a Juvenile Products Manufacture Association (JPMA) seal that shows the product has passed its safety standards.

Is it beneficial for my family and my child?

Jogging strollers can be immensely favorable to both the parents and babies. This baby gear is designed to help the parents squeeze in some time to stay active and fit, without sending their children to daycare, or paying someone to babysit them. Moreover, the baby is having that much-needed vitamin D from the sun, and build up curiosity regarding the world outside the house. A jogging stroller can also provide added weight – hence, a more intense workout. It’s handy as it has some storage spaces where you can put your bottled water, snacks,and other items for your infant.

How much will it cost me?

A jogging stroller can range from $100 dollars up to $500 (600 for a double stroller). Like many consumers say, the cheaper the item, the less features you will get. For the pricey ones, it has some added features for you to have a better ride.

If I’m not a runner, is it still a good idea to buy one?

Unlike regular strollers, joggers have bigger wheels that make it much easier to push; sturdier, and more stable for a smoother ride, especially on bumpy roads. Nevertheless, it is not convenient for you to buy a jogging stroller if you’re still not sure about whether you’re going to use it for a jog. It is a lot heavier than the normal one – thus, making it harder to carry or place in the car when you are about to travel.

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