FAQs About Strollers

When you’re expecting or already have a child and are considering a stroller you may not know where to start.  You may have several questions that you aren’t able to find the answers to.  Here are a list of five common questions new (or veteran) parents may face when considering a stroller. For other necessary information and to select the best Stroller click here.

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What size stroller should I get?

Strollers, like children, come in all shapes and sizes therefore it’s important that you pick one out that best suits your child’s needs. If you have a newborn, you don’t need to get a humongous stroller dwarfing you baby by comparison.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, you don’t want your child to appear too large for your stroller making it too uncomfortable to ride around in.  You are able to ask to test your stroller within the stores and an employee would be more than happy to assist you.

What are some features I should look for in a quality stroller?

People make strollers for a variety of purposes and occasions—walking, jogging, ones for colder weather, and ones for warmer temperatures.  It’s important to consider that wherever you go or happen to be doing you are going to need compartments to hold your child’s belongings.  They will get thirsty.  They will get hungry.  So make sure you have somewhere to store your food and drinks.  Some strollers even come with an attachable changing table.

Are there strollers with multiple seats?

Yes!  For those parents who’ve been blessed with twins or have children close in age, strollers with two or even three seats are available for your convenience.  You don’t have to have one parent push one child and another push the other (although you can).  But if you want your children side by side, or even front to back multiple seated strollers are the right choice for you.  They even go as far as three seats so you can transport another child if necessary.

Why should I get a stroller if I have a baby sling?

Baby slings are great and allow for hands free activity which is an excellent thing if you’re busy and have to accomplish tasks involving anything with your hands (typing, texting, or other various office related activities).  But if you’re going for a walk for an extended period of time you may want to consider a stroller.  They provide a relief on your back from carrying the weight of your child and allow you to carry other things in the compartments they contain.  There is a place and a time for both the baby sling and the stroller.

How much should I spend on a stroller?

Depending on the type of stroller you need and the age of your child the answer to this question can vary drastically. If your child is a newborn they will grow and you’ll be in need of a new stroller relatively soon.  And if you’re in need of a double wide or triple that’s going to cost more than just the standard.  Typically you want to spend no more than $150 on a decent stroller though.  Jogging strollers and other specialty ones will cost slightly higher, but stick to a budget since your child will eventually grow out of the stroller.

Remember that all strollers are different and they have various functions so choose carefully and consider what you’re going to be using it for.  Take these tips and tricks into consideration when it comes to any stroller related questions and your life will be much simpler because you did.

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