Jogging With Your Infant

The usual dilemma active parent’s encounter is deciding whether to buy a jogging stroller or not. If you have decided to buy the joggers instead of the regular ones, normally, you’re still lazy and don’t have that enough energy to jog around the neighborhood or park. However, as the day or weeks pass by, you are now pumped to go for a run after conceiving your child.

Jogging With Your Infant

A jogging stroller is a gift sent from the heaven for those parents who likes to be in tip-top shape even after giving birth (of course, you too, daddy). It is easy; you just have to strap your little one in the jogging stroller, and voila! You had your one-on-one bonding time with your baby. As you read along, you will learn additional information about baby joggers and how to stay safe while you are on the run.For further more information click here.

How old should a baby be before using a jogging stroller?

Most jogging strollers are designed for children six months to five years of age. However, if you are planning to hit the road earlier on, there’s an option made for you – some jogging strollers have a car seat adaptor where you can strap your younger baby for a safer and smoother run. Furthermore, make sure that your baby’s neck is supported properly.

The perfect Jogging Stroller for you and your baby.

With the various strollers available today, choosing the best jogger that is suited for you is definitely a challenge. When it comes to purchasing a jogging stroller, it is highly recommended that you take it for a test drive. Moreover, it is wiser to look up for some reviews in the Internet regarding some jogger brands, or what to look for when buying one.

For example, the front wheel should be stable to stay on a straight path when on the run; five-point harness safety belt to lessen the risk of your child sliding out of the seat or falling off while you’re running; a hand/wrist strap so that you are in control of the stroller, and so that it won’t continuously rolls over when you are running a bit faster than normal; hand brake to manage the stroller when taking an up or down hill path; and lastly, it should have a Juvenile Products Manufacture Association (JPMA) seal that shows the product has passed its safety standards.

Rules of the Road

The best places to run with your child in tow are in the parks or somewhere where there are no cars passing by. Nonetheless, if you find yourself running down a road where there’s traffic, make sure to follow the road rules like any normal vehicles do. Always remember to look from left-to-right when crossing a road, and position yourself in a spot where you will be visible to the drivers and help you see cars coming at you. 

Learning to Run with a Stroller

Are you itching to run already? Before you head out, here are some safety tips for a safer and smoother jog.

  • Hands on the stroller, ALWAYS. Never ever take your hands off the stroller, as it may continuously roll over when you don’t hold it – hence, your child may suffer some major injuries.
  • Keep your baby safe from other elements. Some jogging stroller usually has a canopy so that your child is protected from the heat of the sun, or from the rain, or even falling leaves during windy days. During the warm season, it is advisable to apply sunscreen to your little one’s skin as the UV rays from the sun can affect your baby’s mild skin. On the other hand, use extra clothes during cold weather.
  • Stay focused. Normally, you jog while listening to your iPod, or maybe, you’re with your dog. Even so, this is not advisable when you have your child with you. Treasure this moment with you and your child only.

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