5 things you should know about baby monitors

As a new parent it’s only natural that you’re concerned with the safety of your child.  You probably also wondering what expenses you can go without and which ones are an absolute must have.  Childproofing your house begins with simple (yet absolutely necessary) tasks such as placing covers on your electrical outlets, setting up baby gates on your staircase, and installing baby monitors in your child’s nursery.  Although all of these are great ways to help ensure your child’s safety, let’s focus on the latter.  Below are five things you should know about baby monitors.

5 things you should know about baby monitors

You need one

Baby monitors do wonders when it comes to easing nervous parent’s worries.  They allow you to monitor your child without having to run back into their room every five minutes or carry them around so you know they’re protected.  In the world of parenting it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

There are different types

Many people assume that there is only one type of baby monitor out there.  This is a common misconception.  There are three main models out there: audio, video, and movement.  Many come with a combination of two types or even all three in some cases.  You don’t have to worry that these monitors will lack in any way, shape, or form.more information on baby monitors click here.

It’s not a substitute for parental supervision

Just because you have a baby monitor and are technically monitoring your baby, that does not give you an excuse to not check up on them every once in a while.  Baby monitors should be used as tools to help busy parents monitor their children while they, themselves, work or attend to other chores around the house.  This is the number one mistake people can make when it comes to employing the use of baby monitors—no matter how efficient they can be.   Do not neglect to check up on your child in person.

They’re not too expensive

Baby monitors are not a luxury—they are a necessity.  And that necessity doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Simple (audio only) baby monitors are as cheap as $30 at some stores or websites.  Higher end models such as the ones that include motion detectors or video feed are a bit more expensive and can range in price.  But when it comes to the safety of your child, do you want to run the risk of them not being taken care of

They are portable

If you go over to a friend’s house for a play date and want to set up your monitor in the room the children play in while you two catch up, the set up takes less than five minutes.  Some monitors are so portable that the receiving end even come with a belt clip for your convenience.  You can be hands free and still hear if your baby is fussy or in need of some assistance.

Overall, baby monitor are absolutely, one hundred percent necessary when it comes to maximizing the safety of your child.  They’re convenient, occasionally hands free devices that allow you to monitor your child without having to be in direct contact with them.  This allows you and your child the space apart you both need in order to grow.  They’re not extremely expensive and exist to give you some peace of mind when you’re not with your little bundle of joy.

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