How Can You Make Your Baby Comfortable In a Car Seat

Is your child can get too cranky when placed in a car seat? If you are planning to travel and hit the road instead flying in an airplane, a long drive with a baby on board can definitely test your patience. Car seat is one of the most important baby gears a parent shall buy when a child is arriving soon. This baby gear’s main purpose is to keep your child safe in the car while you are headed to your destination or just had to have a quick run in the supermarket, in case you forgot to buy something.

Make Your Baby Comfortable In a Car Seat

Aside from the protection from any prospective injury, you also want your child to be comfortable as possible. Most of the babies like being wrapped by something due to the feeling of being protected, but they might likewise hate the tightness of the car seat strap—it can get uncomfortable, too. If you are having trouble getting your little angel comfortable and at the same time happy, in her seat while on the road, there are numerous things you can do to solve your problem. Here are a few tips that can help you lessen your stress while on the road and to have a smooth ride with your baby:

Recline angle. In purchasing a car seat, there are safety regulations that need to be followed; it should state the appropriate angle of the seat when it is reclined.

Chest clips. A car seat has a chest clip that ought to be the same size of the toddler’s armpits.

Every car seat has a little seatbelt suited for a baby—the harness. This ought to be sufficiently comfy that the guardian can just fit one finger between the baby’s collarbone and the harness strap.

Wearing a cumbersome garment or coats in a car seat is forbidden, especially if the baby is all buckled up already.

Car Seats Accessories. There are tons of accessories you can attach to your car seat to make sure your little one is enjoying the ride and comfort, as well.

  • Car Seat Covers. A baby’s skin is so sensitive; it can be irritated immediately – most of the fabrics used in a car seat are unsuitable for an infant’s skin. Hence, a car seat cover is a good option to avoid skin rashes; furthermore, it gives your child a milder exterior to sit on. There are different sorts of cover sheets that most likely suits your needs and even the climate; lightweight cotton fabrics are best for the hotter months, and plush fabric during cold months. It is also convenient for it can be effortlessly removed, and it is machine washable.
  • Strap Covers. Longer drive means irritating and annoying car seat straps. What is the solution to this dilemma of yours? Strap covers – these are made with delicate and fluffy fabrics, and others with nylon for easy cleaning. It comes with various patterns and prints that can be eye-catching to your little ones.
  • Headrests/Cradlers. These are normally found in an infant car seat—a seat usually for new-born’s. It is designed to give the much-needed extra support for smaller babies, especially premature babies.
  • Newborn babies have a tendency to get colder than those who are already one year old and up, thus, keeping them warm is absolutely a must. Place a thick blanket over the whole body of the baby to keep them all snugly and warm when cold months hit.
  • Sun shades. The sun is out; therefore, you shall wear your sunglasses. Your little ones, too, can get irritated by the bright sun because their eyes are sensitive to daylight; a car seat with a sun shade provides your baby a protection from the sun. This car seat accessory is often placed in the window where the baby is placed. 

Getting your baby to stop crying during a long ride can certainly put the parents in so much stress and distraction while driving, thus, leading to car accidents. A car seat with the said accessories above will, without a doubt, provide your little ones a safe and comfortable ride.

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