Morning Bath vs. Evening Bath

It’s not necessary to know which is better for your baby – either morning or evening bath. All babies must take a bath at least twice a day. It is still up to you as a parent on how often you bathe your baby. Some babies love being in the water or taking a bath, some maybe not.

Morning Bath vs

However, if you have a newborn, bathing your baby two to three times a week is enough already to keep him clean and healthy. Furthermore, keep in mind that tap water can dry out and maybe damage your baby’s skin as their skin is very delicate and sensitive.

When washing:

  • Always remember to wash your baby’s face regularly.
  • Don’t forget to clean her genital areas and bottom after you change her diapers.
  • Wipe any dirt on his skin.

If it’s your first time to bathe your baby, it can be a little scary and exhausting. You may want to ask some help from your husband or any other people who are not busy in your house. If in case you forgot something like a towel or soap, ask someone to get it for you because it is very dangerous when you leave your baby unattended even just for a minute as they may drown even in an inch of water. Once you get the hang of it already, it’s just a piece of cake for you.

Handling a wet and slippery baby will take a lot of practice and confidence, but you and your baby will get used to it and start enjoying the bond you have when it’s already bath time. Most babies want warm water as it is more soothing; however, be careful with its temperature because a too hot water may lead to a second or third degree burn to your baby in just seconds.

Where should I bathe my baby?

It is recommended to bathe your baby in a kitchen sink or in a small plastic baby bath you’re still not used to washing them in a big bathtub. However, if you do use your bathtub, you may use a bath seat or support, or a rubber mat to prevent any accidents because you may slip when the floor is wet, before making the final decision you may refer to different baby bathtub reviews.

When should I bath my baby?

It is wise to plan out your whole day if you have a baby with you. Choose a time where you’re not expecting any visitors or any interruptions so that you’ll have an intimate time during your baby’s bath time. Moreover, we recommend bathing your baby in between meals, so she’s neither hungry nor full.

When your baby is newborn, you may find it easier to bathe them during daytime. And as she grows older, you can now add the bath time in her pre-bed routine. Another tip is to use warm water as it can help relax your baby and make him sleepy.

Never leave your child unattended in the shower, not notwithstanding for a few moments. That could be all the time it takes for your child to get into trouble in the water. Regardless of the possibility that one of your more seasoned kids is in the shower with him, or you are utilizing an exceptional shower, shower bolsters or shower seat; you must stay with your child.

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