Why Do You Need A High Chair

Highchairs are known to be a baby gear essential. They are literally a high standing chair that provides for convenience and comfort for an infant. These are generally bought by parents with a latching tray, a storage area, child safety restraints, and a comfortable seating pad. The main focus of a highchair is for an infant to engage in social feeding activities. This is where fine motor skills are practiced and engaged through exploration of various foods (Example – the pincher grasp -picking up a Cheerio with the thumb and first finger). This is also where the infant learns about taking turns and socializing with others who encourage the infant to eat the food provided. The highchair has several advantages which may help aid in your decision to buy one.

Why Do You Need A High Chair

  • Designed especially for an infant.

The highchair is customized for an infant’s small, yet growing size. It’s designed for their comfort. Depending on the model of highchair it may grow with your child till the child can sit at the table comfortably. It is designed with a wide base which guarantees a comfortable fit through the toddler years. Some have not only reclining action to promote an infant’s social involvement with its world at 4months or younger but have adjustable seat heights to grow with your child.

  • Encourages participation in social activities at and outside the family dinner table.

While sitting in a highchair the baby is engaged with other members of the family.  This helps with socializing later on and promoting healthy eating habits as well as engages the child to copy someone in games such as patty cake, peek a boo and games such as building blocks being as they are at eye level with rest of the family. Scribbling and other fine motor skills, which help with harder to learn skills later on in life such as writing, can be taught at the highchair safely.

  • Easy to clean

Most highchairs are designed to be easy to clean. Just need a little soap and water for any mess on the highchair. The plastic cushion helps keep any spills from soaking in. Even the safety restraints are easily cleaned. Most trays are removable and are stain resistant. Some are even dishwasher safe. This makes cleanup, for the time and sleep deprived parents, a snap.

  • Extra features

There are several extra features depending on which model of highchair you buy. Some include reclining seats for infants under 6 months, a 5 point harness system to keep your child safe, adjustable heights to grow with your child, a folding option allowing you to store it away conveniently when not in use. You can also find ones with different pop off trays to customize your child’s learning and food time, a cup holder that doubles for a third hand when you need to set the bottle down for a second while feeding and adjustable/removable footrests for your growing child. These are some of the many options afforded on highchairs today.

The main selling feature behind highchairs aside from their versatility is the fact that they are essential to your infant’s growing needs. It’s why they have been around for so long from one generation to another. The highchair is the cornerstone of your child’s emerging independence.

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