Is Organic Baby Formula Better Than Regular Formula

When it comes to our babies, our number-one priority is their safety and health. It’s another when it comes to feeding our babies, we want the best for them. We all know that breastfeeding, is without a doubt, the best source of nutrition for your little ones – however, there are some mothers who have to have an alternate way to feed their baby with the same benefits as the breast milk.

Is Organic Baby Formula Better Than Regular Formula

This is where the formula milk comes in – there are two types of formula milk that is available in the market nowadays – the organic, and the regular formula milk. Since the discoveries of the organic formula milk, the dilemma on which is better — the breast milk or the formula milk – has been diverted to the comparison of organic and regular formula milk.

Comparing the two types of formula can be subdivided into four: (1) Nutritional Value; (2) Cost; (3) Safety; (4) Insubstantial qualities.

Nutritional Value

There’s a standard set by the Food and Drug Administration that is required to meet either organic or regular formula milks. One of the differences between organic and regular formula is the sweetness – the organic ones don’t have corn syrup for a source of carbohydrates unlike the regular formula milks. The primary sugar used in organic formulas is the sucrose.


As mentioned earlier, before allowing the formula milk to be sold in the market, it must meet the minimum safety standard set by the Food and Drug Administration. One concern of the consumers with an organic formula is the possible arsenic level content. It is said that it may cause spasms to your baby. However, to ensure your child’s health, elude the formulas made with brown rice syrup (arsenic level). Another concern is the GMO’s in formula or pesticides – but this is just an example of scares that came out in the public.


Price is the biggest difference between organic and regular formula. Since the organic formulas use alternative sugar; the price is a bit expensive other than the regular formula – they usually come in smaller packages, as well. Normally, standard formula costs about a dollar an ounce.

Insubstantial qualities

When it comes to deciding on which of these will give more nutrition to your little one depends on you. Nevertheless, if you don’t want any hint of possible trace of pesticides, GMO’s or corny syrup in your baby’s tummy, you’re not bringing any danger to your child. If you’re out of budget, and can’t afford the organic stuff, feeding your child with standard formula milk won’t bring any health risks to your baby, likewise. hence you can go through different organic baby formula reviews and select the one that suits your needs.

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