Top Tips for Preventing Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is often created by excess moisture sitting for too long against the Baby’s backside. Baby’s skin is especially soft and delicate; therefore, extra care should be taken to keep the diaper area clean and dry. With this in mind, here are some simple tips to help prevent a baby from developing a diaper rash, or for preventing a diaper rash from worsening.Also referring to different diaper- rash-cream reviews will help you select the best for your baby.

Top Tips for Preventing Diaper Rash

Change Diapers Frequently. Perhaps one of the best ways to prevent a baby from developing a diaper rash is to change the diaper frequently. If a baby is allowed to sit for too long in a wet dirty diaper, then the chances of developing a diaper rash increase. Being proactive about diaper changes and rash prevention can help to prevent a painful rash for baby. Especially check for dirty diapers about 45 minutes after feeding baby.

Allow the Diaper Area to “Breath.” Whenever possible, allow air to circulate around the baby’s diaper area. This may mean allowing extra time after removing the dirty diaper and cleaning the area between putting on and fastening the new diaper to give baby a bit of time to be diaper free. Allowing this time to air out the diaper area can help prevent extra heat and moisture on the baby’s backside.

Use Baby Powder. Another tip for keeping the diaper area dryer is to use baby powder when changing the diaper. The baby powder may be sprinkled onto the diaper area directly, or sprinkled into the clean diaper before securing it to baby. A bit of baby powder may also be sprinkled into your palm, and then rubbed onto the back of baby’s legs as an additional means of preventing excess moisture.

Dress Baby Appropriately for the Weather. While it is especially important to keep baby’s bundled up and warm, it is also important that they are dressed weather appropriately. Dressing baby in too many layers when it is warm or hot weather can result in a number of health problems for baby, including diaper rash from sweating.

Monitor the Baby’s Liquid Consumption. While it is important to properly nourish baby, it is also important that baby is not being overly hydrated. If baby is given excessive water, urination will increase and could cause baby to have more frequent and fuller wet diapers. The excess moisture can cause irritation and rash on baby’s skin.

Prevent a Diaper Rash from Spreading or Becoming More Severe. In the case that baby does develop a diaper rash, act quickly to remedy the rash before it spreads or worsens. Consider using diaper rash cream in addition to some of the other tips to help minimize the pain and discomfort experienced by baby. Remember that a diaper rash are becomes extra sensitive, so an especially gentle touch is needed when changing diapers when baby has a rash.

In preventing a diaper rash, the most important thing is keeping the diaper are clean and dry. Following these easy tips should help to minimize the occurrence of diaper rash for baby.

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