Pros and Cons of Crib Mattress

Trying to decide whether or not to use a crib for your baby to sleep on is already  an exceptionally difficult choice to make. And then there’s the whole other question on what type of crib to buy, and what sort of crib mattress and covers to use.

Pros and Cons of Crib Mattress

Let’s cut to the chase; so you have previously decided that you will use a crib. Parents should also be aware that you are obliged to put your little one’s safety first; hence, purchasing a crib that suits your child is a very important. Why? Because it is during those stages where your baby is growing and developing. So, why are you ought to use a crib mattress for your baby’s crib? A crib mattress is designed to support your child’s body, preventing them from having a spinal scoliosis, and it can also help in your little one’s blood circulation.

There are different kinds of the crib mattress, each has their own respective benefits and downsides. Here, we are going to talk about the three common types of crib mattresses, and its pros and cons.

1.      Foam Crib Mattress The cheapest of allIt is lightweight so you when you own a portable crib, it is easily folded and removed.Available in an extensive variety of sizes It is not recommended for a long-term use.Less durable compared to the other ones.
2.      Coil Spring/Innerspring           Crib Mattress SturdyIt can last a long time, unlike the foam crib mattress. One of the heaviest as it uses a coiled steel.Heavier than that of the foam mattress.When buying, don’t invest in a poor-quality coil spring as it squeaks.
3.      Organic Crib Mattress All natural, hence it is chemical-freeLong-lastingBreathableMild on allergies Not common compared to the other crib mattresses.Consider the crib mattresses reviews online before buying as firmness differs with the materials used


In general, if you are to choose what crib mattress to use, bear in mind to buy the firm one as soft crib mattresses pose suffocation risks to your baby. The firm and thicker a foam mattress is, the more secure it is for your infant.

How to keep your baby safe in her bed?

  • Infants ought to dependably be put on their back to sleep (unless otherwise your child’s pediatrician instructed for other health purposes or reasons).
  • Refrain from placing your infant on his or her stomach on the grounds that this surge the danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the health term ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’ or also called crib death, is a death of an apparently healthy infant usually before one year of age that is of unknown cause and occurs especially during sleep.
  • Always remember to put your baby on his or her sleeping time while you are awake.

Obviously, where your child dozes while at home is an individual choice. As you are measuring the advantages and disadvantages of where your infant will rest, and what kind of crib mattress to buy, and also examining the alternatives with your family, we anticipate that this data will help you in keeping your baby safe – whether it is in your bed or in her crib.

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