How to Recycle Teething Toys

Once baby has lost interest in the teething toys and has moved on to other ones, you may be tempted to simply throw the old toys away, but there may be a few ways that the toys can prove useful to you yet. With a bit of creativity, it is possible to recycle old teething toys or turn them into useful items.

How to Recycle Teething Toys

Pet Chew Toys

Some baby teething toys can be passed along to pets, such as small dogs. Many pet chew toys are expensive, so passing along Baby’s old chew toy to the pet can save some money, provide some doggy entertainment, and prolong the usefulness of the teething toy, giving you the most bang for your buck.

From “teething toy” to simply “toy”

Some “teething toys” are designed in such a way that they resemble other toys, and can simply transition into a “toy,” once Baby passes the stage of needing to put the toy into the mouth. These teething toys can become animals, dolls, or action figures in new games. Ringed teething toys may also be separated and used as a new game of “ring-toss.”


Sometimes teething toys are designed in cute shapes, such as stars. These can be creatively incorporated into the design of little one’s room. Nice wooden teething toys can become decorative piece in window sills or on top of dressers. The flatter, wooden teething toy designs may also be used as cute coasters.

Handy hooks

This requires a specific ring designed teething toy. The rings can be opened and used in new creative ways around the house, such as keeping the garden house coiled, simply role up the garden house and snap one of the rings around it to keep it coiled; organizing cords, the extra length of TV cords, for examples, could be contained in the ring, similarly to the garden house; as a purse hook; propping open bags, and more.

Craft Projects

Old Teething rings can also be added to the craft supplies and turned into a whole host of cute creatures. The rings could be used as a base to a handmade doll or animal. Or, they could be used as an end-ring in a construction-paper chain of rings to countdown towards a big day, such as a holiday, or birthday for an older sibling.

Story Character, Donation, Hand-me-Down, Baby Box

Old teething toys can also become reading buddies during story telling. If the teething toy is shaped after something, say an animal or another shape, the toy can be paired with a book containing the item and incorporated into story time. And teething toys can always be sanitized, passed down to another sibling, or kept in a keepsake box to show the little one at an older age.

With the right amount of creativity, the possibilities for recycling teething toys is endless. From craft projects, to hand-me-downs, to dog toys, decorations, donations, and more, there are many things that can be done with old teething toys.

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