Recycle Your Umbrella Stroller

There are many useful items to help new mommies and daddies out when it comes to taking care of their new little ones. However, after these items serve their purposes, they may become purposeless nuisances, which only take up space. You may have found yourself wondering, “now what do I do with this item?” Well, if that item happens to be an Umbrella Stroller, than we have a few suggestions for you which might be helpful in determining the new purpose for that item.

Recycle Your Umbrella Stroller

  • A New Toy Stroller For Dollies: Little ones have great imaginations and inborn senses to copy. Little girls who have seen mommies pushing strollers may naturally want to replicate this by pushing their own baby dolls around in a stroller. If you are wondering what to do with an umbrella stroller after your little one happens to have outgrown it, you may wish to consider passing the stroller to the little one as a toy.
  • Why Not Give to Friend or Family Member: A friend or family member may feel more comfortable with a used stroller if they know who it is coming from. Passing an Umbrella Stroller along to another family member or relative may help someone you care about, all the while, clearing up some space from the unneeded item.
  • A Charitable Donation: While you may no longer have use for your umbrella stroller, others might, especially strollers that are still in good condition. One of the options in figuring out what to do with an unneeded Umbrella Stroller is to consider donating it to a local Good Will, Salvation Army, local charity, or Discount store. These types of stores may offer receipts as proof of donation, which can become tax write-offs. Cleaning up items before donation is a good practice.
  • Donate to a Local High School’s Home-Economics Class: As part of the educational process, many high school students are given a project to take care of a “baby” for a project. Their baby may be an egg, a doll, or another object which they are instructed to care for as if it were a real infant. Students with this project may find it useful to have an Umbrella Stroller as part of the project props. It may be best to check with the main office to inquire if your local high school would benefit from the stroller.
  • Donate to a Preschool or Local Daycare: An umbrella stroller may make a good donation item for preschools or daycare centers, who may occasionally go on fieldtrips which would require transporting many little ones at one time. The daycare or preschool may advertise it as a free item for other parents or guardians to pick up along with their little one.

There are many options outside of simply throwing an Umbrella Stroller away once it has outgrown its usefulness to you. Strollers in good condition and working order may be wonderful hand-me-down gifts to newly expecting parents on a budget. In the very least, the stroller may turn into a gif for a child, who may use it as a toy, providing further use. With a bit of creativity, there may be many other ways to recycle old umbrella strollers.

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