5 Health Risks Of Using Organic Baby Formula

In a battle of deciding between organic or standard formula, you’ve chosen the organic one because you think it’s the healthiest choice. However, that will not be always the case – there are some organic formulas that contain ingredients you wouldn’t want to feed to your little one.

5 Health Risks Of Using Organic Baby Formula

Just because a formula milks indicates that it is made with organic ingredients doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you and your baby. Listed below are the things to be aware of when buying an organic formula , for further more information on buying the organic baby formula click here.

It may contain corn syrup

Some large milk manufacturers replace their main ingredient of sugar with corn syrups. This is a bad sign for all the mommies out there. Using corn syrups as the main source of carbohydrate may lead to the risk of obesity, diabetes, or even metabolic changes in every cell throughout the body of a child.

It may contain a carcinogen

Maybe, some of the largest manufacturers of organic baby formula include carrageenan, an additive that can be extracted from seaweed. Studies show that it is carcinogenic, and it may cause inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal tumors.

It could harm your baby’s tummy

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acids that are very beneficial to a person’s brain, eyes, and especially the heart; a mother’s milk has a natural occurring DHA. An organic formula milk may be using an artificial omega oil, which is normally extracted from soil fungus or algae that make use of hexane, a Neuro-toxic agent. When digested by a child, it may lead to diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting as their tummy can’t bear these heavy oils.

It may contain chemicals that can be found in a rocket fuel

With the study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control with 15 brands of baby formula, they found small amounts of perchlorate (a chemical found in rocket fuels). The formula milk they tested is the standard ones. Albeit, you are still not sure about whether the organic formula milk you are about to purchase does not have a perchlorate in it. Having this chemical can block the thyroid from doing its job.

It could be bad for your baby’s bone development

Some oils such as palm and palm olein oils are used in infant formulas, together with organic formulas. Studies show that they can lower calcium and fat absorption, or worse, decrease bone density to whoever drink it, especially the infants. 

A blogger mom – Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, MS, RD – concludes on whether to use an organic formula instead of the standard ones said, “I take a conservative stance when it comes to feeding my children, which is why I choose to buy organic milk for my daughter – and will do the same when my son drinks milk after turning one. As for me and my husband who drink fat-free milk, sometimes I buy organic and sometimes I don’t. I have started looking for milk that comes from “pasture-fed” cows. I think this is especially important for babies and toddlers who are drinking whole and reduced fat milk.”

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