Road Trip with Baby

Are air fares too expensive for you and your family? Perhaps traveling in a car can be the best and cheapest option for you at this time. A long drive with a baby on board can definitely bring so much stress in your trip. You’ve probably heard phrases like these from most of the parents out there—don’t be extremely troubled right away. I’ve got some great news for you; start planning and tuning your car because you’ll be ready to go in a matter of seconds with these travel hints for long car journeys with your little ones. Here are a couple of tips for you to have a smooth and wonderful ride.

Road Trip Baby

Car Seats. If your little ones are under the age of three, these are out-and-out a must-have for you mommy. The law requires you to have this baby gear if you are traveling in a car with a baby on board; furthermore, your child’s safety is your number-one priority. You don’t want them to get hurt, right? so a best car-seats becomes a must buy.

At the point when your baby grows too big for her car seat, you might want to consider switching her to a booster seat. According to the article written by the SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A., a booster seat is a firm pad of foam or plastic that raises the child higher in the car to improve the position and angle of the shoulder seatbelt. One common mistake parents usually commit is skipping the booster-seat step and set straight to use the seatbelt.

Plan ahead. As cliché as it gets, planning is the key to success. Think through your infant’s time schedule; a child usually sleeps when the car is moving so might as well arrange your departure time during bedtime and if your child sleeps well in his crib, departing early in the morning, or after he wakes up is your greatest option.

Driving for eight straight hours could get so debilitating; plan to stop every two hours to stretch your legs a bit and for bathroom breaks. Babies need to change their diapers, too, and for the older ones, potty breaks. In finding a clean bathroom with a changing table, look for fast-food chains or gasoline stations; for hygiene purposes, always rub the diaper pads with baby wipes.

Don’t over pack. New parents have a tendency to pack the whole house whenever they go on tours – you don’t have to bring all of your stuff when traveling. Remember to carry all the baby essentials – diapers, clothes, bottles, milk, and baby stroller/carrier. When talking about baby strollers, there are various types of strollers you can choose from; if you’re always on-the-go, a lightweight stroller is a perfect suit for you.

Doctor on-call. It’s good to bring a first-aid kit for emergency purposes and your infant’s prescriptions, in case they get a fever or colds amid your trip. To be prepared for worst-case scenarios, a doctor on-call would be very helpful for you, too. Aside from calling 911 in case of emergencies, having your paediatrician’s phone number saved in your phone would be an absolute convenient, as well.

Make sure the car is ready. Always check your wheels if they are good condition to avoid flat tires along the way; if there are no missing headlights, to elude car accidents; and finally, full your tank up to enjoy a ceaseless ride. Driving when you had a beer or using a phone is an absolute no-no for it is against the law.

Make sure to buckle everything up, and try to stay calm as much as possible as any noise or strain in the car because it might bring stress to the baby, as well. Most importantly, enjoy the long, nerve-racking, tiring, yet memorable road trip with your little ones.

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