Safety Considerations for a Car Seat

As far as the law is concerned, you cannot take the little ones home via a car when you don’t own a car seat. In the year 2011, more than 618,000 children whose age varies from 0-12 were involved in a car accident; of those reported casualties, 33% of them aren’t buckled up in a car seat. This report shows that having a car seat of your own can definitely reduce the risk of fatal injuries to your children amid accidents; your child’s safety is your main priority as a parent.

Safety Considerations for a Car Seat

When buying a car seat, there are some guidelines you should probably check to ensure that you have invested in a good-quality car seat that will provide protection to your toddlers.More information about the best car-seat can be found here.

What car seat suits your child?

There are three main types of car seats that are age- and size- appropriate; to make sure that your kids are comfortable and safe while on the road.

  • Infant Car Seats. These car seats are best suitable for babies during their first year or at least 22 lbs. and are faced toward the rear of the car. It comes with a handle for a convenient way to move the baby around, thus, easy to carry.
  • Convertible Car Seats. These car seats are typically bigger and heavier than the first one and are faced on the back of the car. It can carry a baby whose weight varies from 40 to 80 lbs. and a height of around 50 inches.
  • Booster Seats. Prior to what I have said, if your little one outgrows her car seat, you are ought to use a booster seat already. These car seats are perfect for kids’ age four and older or children who weigh at least 50 pounds and a height of 4 feet 9 inches.

What to look for?

  • Safety Approved. All the car seat manufacturers are obliged to meet the safety guidelines/standards set by the law.
  • Hassle-free installation. Whether you have purchased a second-hand or car seat or a brand-new one, it must have an installation instruction included.
  • Every car seat has a little seatbelt suited for a baby—the harness. This five-point harness ought to be sufficiently comfortable that the guardian can just fit one finger between the baby’s collarbone and the harness strap.
  • Level indicator. This said device facilitates your anxiety level by telling you whether you have set up the car seat correctly.
  • The sun is out; therefore, you shall wear your sunglasses. Your little ones, too, can get irritated by the bright sun because their eyes are sensitive to daylight; a car seat with a sun shade provides your baby a protection from the sun. This car seat accessory is often placed near the window where the baby is placed.
  • Car Seat Covers. A child’s skin is so sensitive; it can be chafed instantly – the majority of the fabrics utilized as a part of a car seat is inadmissible for a baby’s skin. Thus, a car seat cover is a decent choice to maintain a strategic distance from skin rashes; moreover, it gives your baby a milder surface to sit on.

Safety Considerations.

Listed below are a few things you ought to remember when using a car seat:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your car seat to your motor vehicle. One intelligent tip: in case the car seat moves in any course by an inch, it is not properly installed.
  • If you are having trouble installing your car seat for the reason that you’ve never tried installing one, don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Placing the car seat in the middle part your car’s back seat is the safest position when riding an auto.
  • The purpose of these air bags is to protect the adults and older children during a car crash, but it is not recommended for toddlers, especially infants. If you don’t have any choice but to sit your little one in a seat with an air bag, disable it.
  • Infant’s ages 0-2 must be in a rear-facing position.
  • When your baby’s car seat is in rear-facing position, the shoulder straps must be at the same level with the child’s shoulder; for front-facing position, the shoulder straps must be an inch or two above your kid’s shoulder.

We all know that reading an instruction book is boring, but take note; this is one approach to enjoying your purchased product, and for safety precautions, too.

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