Safety Considerations for Umbrella Strollers

Many parents worry about the safety risks involved in transporting their precious little ones. Regardless of the mode of transportation, being aware of some of the common safety hazards may help to decrease the incident of accidents, injury, or other mishaps. Here are a few safety hazards and tips to keep in mind when it comes to transporting little ones in the light-weight and compactable model of stroller called an Umbrella Stroller.

Safety Considerations for Umbrella Strollers

Avoiding tipping stroller over: One of the risks of an umbrella stroller is the stroller being tipped over. The main cause for Umbrella Strollers being tipped over is an imbalance in the weight distribution. Most commonly, there are too many items or too heavy of items placed onto the handles of the stroller in comparison to the weight in the seating area. This imbalance, causes the stroller to commonly tip backwards; this feature of the umbrella stroller may be useful for manipulating up curbs or steps, but poses a safety hazard when it is being tipped unintentionally.

Avoiding items being dropped on toddler: Some umbrella stroller come with a lightweight cover intended to help protect children from the elements. This lightweight shade provider for children is often mistakenly seen as an opportune place to hold items. However, it is not designed to be a storage area. Placing items such as phones, purses, or jackets on top of the cover, may result in the cover caving in and the items falling on top of the unsuspecting little one below, posing a risk for injury. The best way to avoid this hazard is to avoid placing any items on the lightweight cover.

Hands “on”: Another safety risk is taking both hands off of the stroller handle bars. This may be done momentarily in an attempt to perhaps locate another item from the storage area, or in an attempt to tend to fussy baby in the front. If leaving the handle bars, it is best to engage the breaks, and ensure that the stroller is not going to roll into danger when you let go of the handles.

Breaks, slopes, curbs, stairs: Slopes pose a safety risk as the stroller could potentially roll dangerously down hills without proper guidance, and could potentially roll back on the individual pushing the stroller up steeper hills. As a general rule to prevent these causes of injury, avoid taking paths of steep hills with a stroller, and ensure that the individual handling the stroller is of the proper height, age, weight, and reasoning capacity to safely guide the stroller.

When navigating up and down small curbs, the stroller may be safely tipped back at an angle of approximately 120° and gently pushed forward. However, when navigating the stroller up stairs, it is advised to consider an alternative, wheelchair accessible path.

Safely and securely assembled: Ensure that the stroller is fully opened and locked into place before placing the child into the stroller in order to prevent injury or the stroller collapsing on the child.

Keeping these safety tips and guidelines in mind may help to prevent injury and mishaps when transporting a child in an Umbrella Stroller.

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