Safety Measures When Using Baby Walkers

A baby walker can provide baby with lots of entertainment as baby learns to scoot forward using the walker and play with the colorful toy options commonly placed in front of them. But what are some of the safety concerns with using a baby walker?

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Loose cords: When baby is in a walker, chances are that baby will be anxious to get moving, but doing so could introduce a whole other series of concerns and hazards to a child’s health and wellbeing. As a baby walks around, s/he could rip cords and pull down a bunch of items, which could cause damage to the items as well as harm the little one.

To avoid some of these hazards: Be sure that no cords drape across walkways. Cords from game systems, entertainment systems, irons, and more are all potential safety risks. Taping down cords and covering them with a rug could help to minimize some of the safety risks of baby pulling them down. Additionally, be weary or cords that drape down for things such as blinds, as each dangling cord could be of interest to baby as well as a safety risk.

Bumping into items: From china cabinets, to entertainment systems and walls, a baby is bound to bump into things while moving about in the walker. Be sure that items can withstand bumps and shakes without falling over. Reinforce bookshelves and loose items on shelves to prevent them from toppling down.

Stairs and ledges: Consider the height of a baby in the walker and ledges to prevent baby from bumping his or her head on the ledge of a table or counter. These ledges are especially dangerous for children who may hit their heads on these items. When children learn to walk and crawl about and begin using baby walkers, it is especially important to be vigilant about children’s safety, and it is suggested to “baby-proof” the house.

Stairs or steps can present especially dangerous hazard to little ones. It is important to securely block all dangerous stairs and ledges to prevent children from toppling down the stairs, as such falls could prove fatal to children. When placing baby-gates in these areas, securely lock the baby-gate into place, and test its security to see if it could reliable resist the force or pressure of a child running into it with a baby-walker.

Stepping on items: When allowing a baby to walk around in a baby walker, ensure that the floor is clean and free of dangerous items which could pierce or otherwise hurt a child’s feet. This may include small toys, pins, or glass. Regularly cleaning the floors and picking up toys could help to prevent injury as a child roams about in a baby-walker.

When it comes to babies learning to walk, it may be an exciting time as parents and loved ones look forward to baby’s first steps. However, extra precaution will be needed to ensure a safe environment as baby stretches his or her legs.

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