Storing an Umbrella Stroller: On-the-Go

Anyone who has carried a “Little Bundle of Joy” for an extended amount of time may have quickly found that it was more of a workout than intended. One of the developmental markers of a baby is to gain weight. While it is often a good sign for a little one to be growing, it can make walking around with baby on the hip increasingly more difficult. Luckily, umbrella strollers exist to help lighten your load, and relieve achy muscles. But, where do you store these little muscle-helpers when not in use, or when traveling long distances? You just need to pick up the best umbrella stroller that suits your need.

Storing an Umbrella Stroller

Where to put an Umbrella stroller in the car: One of the most obvious places to put an umbrella stroller is in the trunk. We assume that you probably thought about that one, and have turned to the net for alternative storage ideas in your car.

Now, these storage options are going to vary with effectiveness depending on the make and model of the vehicle, but here are some stroller storing alternative:

Consider the Seats: Specifically, under them, across them, to the sides of them, or removing them might provide additional storage areas. Safety Note: Consider the placement of items in relation to the individuals and windows present in the car; be sure that items will not injure or damage property if they move in the course of transit.

On the roof: While it might not be ideal, or seems like a lot of work, the roof of a car is a commonly underutilized area of storage. Before placing the stroller on the roof of a vehicle, consider placing the stroller into its storage case to help prevent it from opening during the drive. This may also help to prevent it from scratching the roof of the car.

If you do not have the stroller cover and are concerned about scratches, you may wish to first fold the stroller up, wrap it in a clean sheet–sort of like a giant burrito- and then place it into a black garbage bag; press the air out of the bag; secure the ends of the bag. When placing it on the roof of the vehicle, place the side with the opening facing the trunk, that way it is less likely to pick up wind and try to fly away. Secure it at several point to the roof, similarly to the way you would secure a Holiday Tree to the roof of the car.

While at home, an umbrella storage may sit in a closet, under a bed, in the laundry room, or simply ready to go near the front door. Fitting an umbrella stroller into a vehicle, on the other hand, can be more of a challenge, especially in smaller vehicle models or when the remainder of the vehicle storage area is otherwise occupied. However, the effort of packing the stroller or securing it to the roof of a vehicle may be especially worth it when going on family trips and or planning to walk long distances on foot.

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