3 Toy Brands You’ll Love

As a parent you only want what’s best for your kids. That includes toys for them to learn from and to expand their creativity with. A child’s mind is malleable and they will play with toys in a way that you might not comprehend but they enjoy.

Toys stimulate the creative juices of the brain in young children as well as help with some physical activity in children. This is because if they have a toy bus that they have to push around, they’ll have to move along with it. Toys are a great mental and physical stimulator and there are some brands that will go above and beyond to help your kids grow.

Here are 3 of the toy brands you will love.


Who says that playing has to be confined to rules and strict goals. The toys from Hape provide your children with a challenging environment and helps stimulate their minds to expand and let their creativity shine through. Hape’s toys do this by transforming playtime into a learning process that is both fun and educational.

Your kids will be able to learn about different professions such as being a doctor. That’s right, with the Doctor on Call Doctor’s set, your kids will get their own set of small plastic medical supplies that will help them learn about medicine from a very early age. Who knows, they may even put roots into this interest and go on to become a doctor when they grow up.

Another example is of the Ringer Ring Toss that would allow your kids to perfect their aim while throwing different rings and getting them to land where they need to. This will help with their hand eye coordination and they might develop an interest in sports from an early age due to this. The possibilities are endless.

Le Toy Van

This is another toy brand that is adored by parents for their children, for good reason too. The company is British and has ethically produced wooden toys from Indonesia. The very high quality and the craftsmanship, that goes into building the toys, really shines through.

Of the toys available, you have toy doll houses that can help your child develop interpersonal and social skills. They include communicating, socially appropriate behaviours, empathy and more. goodtoplay.com is where you may find this brand if you are looking for it.


If you are looking for a way to inculcate an interest in cars in your kids and want to mix that with the “LEGO” experience, Automoblox is another toy brand that you will love for your kids. This is because this brand is more than your average car set. It primes the child to be able to build the car from the individual pieces so that they fit and then start playing with the car that they made, by themselves.

This helps the children develop interest with craftsmanship designing and creation, and really lets their creativity go up. Automoblox makes your child aware of the physical properties of different objects when they put together the car for themselves and then play with it.

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