How to Travel With Bottle Warmers

Does your family love to travel a lot? Going on an adventure is too thrilling, especially when you experience and see those wonderful places with your loved ones. However, it is a different scenario when you have a baby with you.

Travel  With Bottle Warmers

Traveling with a baby can get a little stressful. Why? First of all, your little one has a lot of baggage – from diapers, bottles for their milk, to car seats and other baby gears you need when you’re out and about. Secondly, a baby can get a little cranky when they are hungry. And lastly, keeping your infant’s milk warm is a big dilemma while on the road. Good thing, there is already what we call ‘bottle warmers’ you can definitely use to make your child’s milk warm during a trip. What a life saver, right?

So whether you are going to pump and store milk for travel or you’re going to use a formula-made milk, keeping it warm before feeding it to your baby is an absolute must. A travel bottle warmer is very convenient when you are out on the road, especially when the weather is cold. The best things about these bottle warmers are: (1) they are very handy; (2) it can go a long way; (3) it can be charged – some can be charged by plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighter. You may also want to consider bringing bottles with disposable liners in case you don’t see any place to wash the bottles.You may have to opt for the best bottle warmer depending on your need.

Here are the three simple steps to using a bottle warmer while travelling:

Step 1: Add a portable bottle warmer on your baggage; these warmers are compact enough to hold one bottle at a time. When you are traveling on a long flight and there’s no outlets, purchase a bottle warmer that make use of batteries. Nevertheless, if you are planning to go on a road trip, get the model that uses a plug to charge them up.

Step 2: Get a half a cup of hot water, then set the bottle down into the water for about one minute. After 30 to 45 seconds, check if the milk is warm enough. (Use this step if you’re on a plane)

Step 3: Another alternate option is that, you can heat the water in the microwave or in a coffee pot (when you are in a hotel room). Submerge the bottle in the heated water until it the bottle becomes warm.

For further information, here are some of the tips when traveling with a bottle-fed infant:

  • Pack a bottle with disposable liners so that you won’t have to worry washing your baby’s bottle.
  • Pack a lot of bottle nipples and rings so you will have a spare whenever you can’t wash the used one out.
  • Put the powdered formula in a Ziploc bag with an equal amount each to make a bottle on board easier.
  • Make use of a separate bag for the bottles and supplies to make it easier to find.

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