How to Use A Jogging Stroller

Have you decided to purchase a jogging stroller and still don’t know how to use it properly? Always make it a point that safety is your number-one priority when running – you should be even more cautious when you’re running with a jogging stroller. Below are some helpful tips to make your running with your baby and a jogging stroller a lot easier, safer, and at the same time, comfortable for you and your little one and for this firstly you require the best jogging stroller.

How to Use A Jogging Stroller

  • Run with your baby at the right age and the right time. Pediatricians suggest that you cannot run with your baby until she, or he is about six months old. Furthermore, mommies should wait just about eight months before going for a run.
  • Check if the front wheel is locked. This is no problem when the jogging stroller you bought has a fixed front wheel. However, there are others that have a switch where you will be able to lock and unlock the wheel, depending on your needs. For safety precautions when running with the stroller, lock the front wheel in place. Locking the front wheel will make the stroller stable – thus, preventing from any crash or accidents.
  • Pack the most important things. Most jogging strollers have a place (basket, compartments, holders) where you can put the things you need during your run. Such as diapers, wipes, water or milk (for your baby) and some toys to keep the baby busy.
  • Keep your baby warm and comfortable. Unlike you, your baby won’t be warming up – hence; you should protect them from the cold weather if it’s chilly and windy. Conversely, if it’s warm outside, clothe your baby with proper clothes for a warmer weather, and apply a mild sunscreen all over their face and body.
  • Protect your baby using the stroller’s straps. The harness that comes with the stroller will protect your little one from falling, and making them stable when you’re on a bumpy road. It will also lessen the risk of getting your child’s finger caught in the wheels.
  • Run on a safe road/path. A lot of cities nowadays, have paths provided for those runners and bikers.
  • Always keep your hands on the stroller. A jogging stroller is not like the push carts in the grocery store. So don’t ever attempt to push your stroller a little and decide to let it go. Why? First, it’s a bad idea, obviously. Second, you might lose control of the stroller causing danger to your little one and the people around you. However, if your hands and shoulders are a bit tired, you can always push with one hand while swinging the other hand. Switch arms from time to time so that you won’t experience any cramps.
  • Adapt to the new environment. If you run half a minute per mile, you might want to slow it down to one minute per mile to make sure your baby is safe. Don’t be so troubled about the slower pace as you are burning more calories with the added effort of pushing the stroller.
  • You’re the boss of the stroller. Don’t run too fast for the possibility that you couldn’t stop the jogging stroller if needed.
  • Use some alternatives. Of course, your little ones want to crawl or run and play for a bit. Do not forget to have a break from time to time.

Keep in mind that before going for a jog with your baby, consult your doctor first and strictly follow the stroller’s recommendations for proper usage. And the most important thing is you and your child’s safety; like what I’ve said earlier, don’t run with your baby until she’s about six months old.

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