How to Use Cloth Diapers

Are you thinking of choosing cloth diapers instead of disposable ones or perhaps, you’ve considered switching from disposable diapers ? Either which, you’re probably thinking about how to use cloth diapers, are there many kinds of cloth diapers to choose from, or how shall you use it when you’re on a vacation. Most, if not all, mommas born in the late 20th century and in the early 21st century don’t know how to properly use a cloth diaper or how to fold it correctly as the disposable diapers are the popular during those years.

How to Use Cloth Diapers

As well all know, cloth diapers have come a long way from the saggy ones that use oversized pins to hold them together, to those that utilize diaper covers to absorb more of the baby’s pee. Cloth diapers, these days, offer various sorts of diapers you can choose from; depending on what suits your little one better.

All-In-One Diapers (AIOs) – This type of diaper is easy to put on babies. It is a convenient diaper that is why most of the caregivers and parents in daycare use this one. They come with Velcro which is the replacement for the oversized pins we use in the old version of cloth diapers.

Diaper Covers – This is a necessity if your baby pees a lot; it is waterproof that can keep the cloth diaper from being soiled with your toddler’s poop. Most parents use this diaper cover during nighttime while the baby is asleep.

Fitted Diapers – Fitted Diapers are made from various fabrics such as organic cotton, cotton fleece, etc. It usually looks a lot like the disposable ones; the difference between the two is that the fitted diapers do not have a waterproof outer layer.

Pocket Diapers – It comes with an internal absorbent core that needs to be assembled first. The good thing about the type of diaper is that the outer layer of it is water-resistant, thus diaper covers are not needed. In the event that you choose a pocket diaper with a microfleece internal coating, the infant’s pee will go through the microfleece, into the retentive center inside the pocket. Even if the cloth diaper in the pocket is wet, your baby’s skin is still dry.

How many cloth diapers do I need?

In case you are planning to use a cloth diaper to your baby until he is potty-trained, the approximate number of cloth diapers you need is about 18; making your laundry system every other day. As your infant develops to toddler hood, he or she will wet less every now and again, and won’t have to be changed as regularly.

How to wash cloth diapers?

Rinsing and Storing. To easily remove the stain your child’s poop left in the fabric; you can rinse it using a bidet in your toilet room — to wash off the solid waste, and even the remaining poop, into the toilet. However, if you don’t have time to wash it immediately, you can soak it overnight or until your wash day.

There are three steps when washing a baby’s cloth diaper; first, you have to rinse it with cold water to help lift up the stain. Secondly, toss it in the washing machine and pour a proper amount of detergent into it. And lastly, rinse it again with a cold water to remove excess residue of the detergent. 

A lot of moms recommend air drying rather than using the dryer machine because air drying can keep the cloth diaper last longer. Furthermore, the sun is a natural detergent that will help get rid of unwanted smell in your child’s cloth diaper.

How do I fold cloth diapers?

The most popular way to fold a diaper is the Angel Fold way. It can hold the child’s solid waste, and at the same time giving your child’s a comfortable fit. Here’s how the Angel Fold works according to the

Using one pre-fold diaper and one cloth diaper cover of your choice, lay your pre-fold diaper flat in front of you with serge ends at the top and bottom.

If folding into a wrap-style diaper cover, place the pre-fold diaper atop the diaper cover lengthwise.Again, ensure the serge edges are at the top and the bottom. Then, fold the bottom serge-edge of the pre-fold diaper up towards the top serge edge of the cloth diaper (about 1/3 the length of the pre-fold diaper). If using a cloth diaper doubler for extra absorption, lay it along the center panel of the pre-fold diaper lengthwise BEFORE folding the bottom serge-end of the pre-fold diaper up. 

Next, you will create a ‘V’ shapewith the pre-fold diaper by pulling the already folded bottom, left corner to the middle (center panel), and then repeating it again on the opposite side. 

If using a stay dry liner, or a fleece topped diaper doubler, this is when you put it in– lay it lengthwise atop the folded ‘V’. If you place it within the ‘V’ (as when you placed the diaper double), it will not be able to wick moisture away from baby’s skin as it will be underneath, not atop, the layered cotton ‘V’. 

Lay baby atop the pre-fold diaper so that the top serge edge is horizontal to baby’s back waistline. 

Bring the folded portion of the pre-fold diaper up between baby’s legs.At this time, you can adjust the rise (length from back waistline to front waistline) by letting out some of the fold in front. 

After the pre-fold diaper is adjusted for baby in the rise, bring the front of the cloth diaper wrap up between baby’s legs. The diaper cover should extend beyond the pre-fold at the waist to keep moisture from seeping out to the waistline of baby’s clothes. 

Finally, secure the tabsby wrapping the diaper cover’s back left and right ‘wings’ around to the front Velcro panel. Very simple. Very secure.

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