Using a stroller vs. Carrying your child

You may find yourself wondering if purchasing a stroller is even worth it.  You are able to carry your child anywhere you need to go?  But are you able to do that for extended periods of time?  What if your baby gets fussy in your arms?  Whether you’re using it on a daily basis, for occasional outings to the supermarket or on weekly walks, a stroller can be a saving grace for any parent, new or experienced. On the opposite end of the spectrum, your stroller won’t be able to go everywhere you’re able to.  It’s not as easily accessible when it comes to stairs or when you need to be somewhere in a hurry.  Whether it’s using a stroller or carrying your child, there are pros and cons to each method of your child’s transportation.

Using a stroller vs

Strollers provide a relief from carrying your child, which is especially good if you’re not yet strong enough to carry them for long amounts of time without setting them down.  Babies grow and as they become older and heavier, it gets more difficult to carry them around.  They also provide protection from the elements such as harmful UV rays from the sun or dust that the wind carries.  Strollers also come with a variety of feature you can add on to customize your child’s experience.  Features like a canopy or trouble-free locking mechanisms help provide a safe environment when it comes to strollers.  Additional add-ons include cup holders, pockets, and sometimes even a compartment where you’re able to keep a portable changing need to make the choice of the best stroller to match up to your needs

Now strollers do come with some downsides.  They are not always accessible or ready to go on the drop of a dime.  They can be cumbersome and awkward to handle if they are too large.  And, often times, they slow you down when you’re trying to get somewhere relatively quickly.

Carrying your child would be another option for transporting them from one location to another.  Carrying your baby (or babywearing) can have many beneficial qualities including increased physical strength, a closer feel to your child enhancing closeness, and (probably the most obvious) it’s hands free. Being hands free can come as a great blessing if you are trying to gather supplies, groceries, or even other children.  Babywearing can also help if you have a child that only sleeps when they are rocked or need some type of movement and you need to get some work done.

Now, like strollers, babywearing comes with a few things you might want to consider before adopting this method completely.  Some slings can be somewhat difficult to get used to, especially when first starting out.  Weather also can affect your choice in using a baby sling.  In hot weather, supporting your baby in such close proximity can be hard work.  In rainy weather, you’ll have to find an umbrella large enough to shelter you both as well as work to keep your child warm.

You have a good mix of choices when it comes to transporting your baby.  There are different things to consider when going out.  Whether you decide to carry your baby in a sling or use a stroller, just remember each method has pros and cons.  So make the best choice for you and your child.

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